Bondage & Enemas

Do you have experience being bound, or doing bondage, during an enema? I happen to like combining my kinks and this is no exception! In this image it doesn’t look as though her arms are bound, which means she can actually sit up and breath should she need. For me, that’s a HUGE deal when adding rope.

I might also suggest using cotton bondage rope or if you want that hemp look, go with synthetic "hemp" rope. The issue being that natural fibers with some bite (not smooth) such as hemp shown here, or jute, are likely to tighten and become difficult to untie once wet. MFP rope is particularly easy to put on and take off when wet!

Being able to adjust my position and move around enough to allow for better water flow is crucial for me. I cringe to think about being completely bound and unable to wiggle when being given an enema–especially one of any size. That being said, I would love to hear from anyone that does in fact like this! It would be fun to get a counter description.



If you are new to rope bondage, check out some bondage booksThis one is a particular favorite of mine! There is something comforting in the feeling of rope bondage on me: I like that it holds tightly and reminds me of my vulnerability. When applying it, I like the control of giving and creating that sense of vulnerability.

Have you got a favorite bondage & enema image or video to share??




So I will preface with two statements:

  • I don’t watch much by way of the zombie tube (TV).
  • Nor am I terribly adept at knowing pop culture knowledge in general.

Most of my memory & time is spent on non-fiction books, 40’s talk and song radio, and much of what is “kinky & queer sexuality”. So, imagine my surprise that no one had pointed out Enema-bot, found on Futurama and in service to the Planet Express crew! I suggest you search for him within the complete Futurama series and let’s see how many times we spot him!!



What?! A robot that will not only administer with a gas pump enema nozzle (be still my heart), but even has the ability to give me an Enema To Go should I be in a hurry to my luncheon or taking a weekend visit to the beach. Interestingly, you can even order up your flavor of enema with espresso should you desire.

Enema-bot is a true friend to all enema lovers, coming fully loaded with a thermometer, syringe, and douche! Top of the line, I tell ya. It is also worth mentioning that he has safety in mind, with a glove on, though it is rather ill-fitting and one has to wonder if it is ever changed afresh…

“Warning. The enema you are about to enjoy is extremely hot.”

I must admit, the idea of an enema and klyster wielding automaton at my beck and call, makes me down right jubilant! What is better than this enema humor? People asking for MORE Enema-bot! I saw several posts online complaining that this character did not get enough air time. I’d like to add my voice to that rumbling whisper! As a side note…do you suppose s/he is found in the Futurama card deck??


What other implements might you want of an Enema-bot? I’m thinking a dildo would be a lovely addition…


Lazzi with an enema syringe

Imagery from the Seduction of Venus

Enema images courtesy indirectly and directly from

The Seduction of Venus


Were these purely for medical value, or was there eroticism behind their creation?

A girl about to receive an enema by Watteau.

Two young women trying to give another a forcible enema by French illustrator Chéri Hérouard under his nom de plume of Herric

A fifteenth cemtury illustration of the works of the Greek physician Galen

La Soubrette Officieuse by Swiss artist Alexandre Chaponnier (1753-1805)
Le Curieux by Pierre-Anroine Baudouin


This delicate watercolour by Baudouin (1723-1769) shows a maid about to giver her mistress an enema using a clyster syringe, which was the usual way of administering an enema from the 17th to the 19th centuries.


Tobacco enema
“Enemas were not just a medical solution to constipation and dehydration but were also used to quickly introduce drugs, both medical and recreational, into the system.  In the eighteenth century picture above, physicians administer a tobacco smoke enema.  This was not only used to treat stomach pain but also to revive victims of near drowning.”
Der gefaellige freund (the obliging friend) by Helga Bode
Helga Bode
Die gefürchtete kanüle (the dreaded needle) by Helga Bode
 Das Geduldige Opferlamm  (the willing sacrificial lamb) by Helga Bode
“Helga Bode was a German artist active in the nineteen twenties.  She specialised in spanking art (more of which another time) but also produced a lot of enema themed drawings and watercolours.  Some of her illustrations appeared in German medical books in the thirties but very little is known about her.”
Im Schlafsaal des Internats (in the boarding school dormitory) by Helga Bode
Klistierstunde im Pensionat (Clyster hour at boarding school) by Helga Bode
Bode didn’t miss the possibilities of the extra threat posed by a male protagonist, however, and, as we can see by the two examples below, much of her art is about the anticipation rather than the act itself.
Peinlicher Befehl (the embarrassing instruction) by Helga Bode
Margit Gaal
You can see the transition from fear to happy expectation when going from Bode toGaal’s work.

Eugene Reunier
“This one by artist Jim Black, again, has a reluctant looking victim at the mercy of two older women.  Black was one of the pseudonyms of French Artist Luc Lafnet (1889-1939)”
“This picture is by another illustrator of nineteen thirties French spanking novels, JX Dumoulin.  It is an illustration from a novel called Humiliations Chéries by Jean Claqueret, a pseudonym for an unknown French author.”
“This is an illustration from a novel by Sadie Blackeyes which was a pen name for French author and songwriter Pierre Dumarchey (1882-1970).  Dumarchey was the author of the novel Quai de Brumes which was made into a film by Marcel Carné in 1938.”
“This illustration by Richard Hegemann really piles it all on.  A man with bound wrists has sex with a woman who is tied to a chair.  She is receiving an enema whilst a woman in a see through slip and boots whips them whilst an excited little dog looks on.   Hegemann was probably actually a woman, active in Germany in the twenties.”