Via Klysterlover @ Fetlife:

Assemble the following ingredients: 4 bananas – not too ripe, but not green either – break each in half 1 tampon – medium absorbency fine (note: a disposable diaper liner is a suitable alternative) * 4 liquid fleet suppositories- (note: not fleet enemas and not solid glycerin suppositories)

  1. place banana halves in a glass bowl and nuke for 30 secs (optional)
  2. empty two of the fleet liquid suppository applicators onto the banana halves making sure the tips of each are lightly lubricated
  3. empty the other two applicators up the subs rectum
  4. slip the banana halves tip-first into the sub’s butt, one at a time (obviously). This may take a couple of minutes. It is a wonderfully strange sensation for the sub, so no need to race through this. the first banana will completely smash up. Push as much as you can in with your gloved hand. It’s weird, but believe it or not, they start to go in easier and easier. By the 3rd or 4th half, they pop right in. This is why you start with 8 halves. By the last half, you’re sub will be incredibly full.
  5. tightly roll the kotex pad in sleeping bag fashion. sticky plastic side inward; cotton side facing out or get the tampon ready.
  6. wipe up the glass bowl with remaining liquid suppository – if necessary, pop open another and thoroughly lube it up.
  7. insert the rolled-up kotex into your sub’s quivering (and very full) rectum. If necessary, use your finger to push it all the way in.
  8. tightly diaper your sub and finish it off with snug plastic pants.
  9. Allow your sub to lay calmly for a few minutes; then make him get up stand; answer questions; walk around; whatever.

Here’s what is going on. The sub is obviously incredibly full of very wet, warm and weighted mush. And the quick-acting suppository is screaming at the poor sub’s bowels “Void. Void!”. But…as the tampon begins to absorb the moisture from the bananas, it slowly expands and forms a snug and incredibly effective plug. The resulting predicament is that the sub feels that intense crampy and panicky feeling. If they try to tighten their sphincter, the intensity of the cramping actually grows. I’m not sure why, but it does. And if they relax their sphincter (and eventually they have to); they find that they are absolutely 100% sure they are about to fill their pants, but at the very last second…they don’t. The cramping and trembling subsides. They can actually stand and converse semi-intelligently. But then, in about 90 seconds, they feel it building again. That nasty wave of cramping. Everything goes crazy again. They can’t focus; can’t speak. It’s happening, oh my god, I can’t hold it….but then it backs off again. It’s like wave after wave of contraction. Each one gets slightly stronger. And each one forces the sphincter to dilate a tiny bit more. This can sometimes go on for 45 minutes or longer. After 30 to 60 minutes, the sub is totally freaked out. This is supremely controlling for the domme. You own every part of their existence at this point. And there are all kinds of creative ways for you to intensify the mind fuck. Dress him up, take him for a walk, maybe grocery shopping, and watch him try to mask his contractions and misery. This is as close to incontinence as most subs get. I mean, with a full enema, at some point, you release and soil yourself. But with this, even if you push down a little, the plug means that everything takes it’s own course. It will happen when it happens. And that’s that. You won’t know. And the sub or big baby won’t be able to tell you either. But then, at some point the sub’s tired and quivering little sphincter surrenders all hope, and involuntarily spreads and the sub’s diapers fill with a mass of warm, wet, steamy ooze. But that’s not it, in most cases, about 30 seconds after the pressure is relieved from the prostate gland, the sub’s bladder will involuntarily empty as well. This qualifies as an emotionally, mentally and physically intense experience. Sure to leave any bottom completely chagrined, humiliated and weakened.

Most dom/mes who have tried this recipe have been utterly blown away that such an intense form of control and humiliation can be relatively easily orchestrated with common grocery store items.