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An anonymously submitted story from a lovely young lady I adore:

Pitch black. That is all you can really see when a fuzzy blindfold blocks everything else out. All senses instantly became intensified and the sound of the faucet being turned on and the slow drizzling of water increased into a gushing flow. Gwen’s lower back and nether regions immediately tightened in response. She knew that she had been a good girl and was being given a gift, but had no idea what to expect. The shuffle of footsteps, a Ziploc bag being opened and the dragging of something metallic across the floor. Every noise was amplified into a deeper crescendo as the seconds danced by on the wall clock in the corner of the room. Tick, Tick Tick. Her sex was already a flowing river from being teased and toyed with for the last hour, but the last frontier was still waiting on the horizon.

Suddenly, the gentle footsteps she had been hearing for the last several minutes entered the room and the long, delicate fingers she craved and loved began to undo the intricate knot work of the hogtie that had so lovingly been fashioned. Sensation and blood began to course back into her extremities as they floated back down to their normal resting place. Morgan gingerly took Gwen’s hand and led her from a carpeted room onto a cool, tiled floor. Small beams of light were visible through the sides of the blindfold that thrust her back into the reality of impending circumstances. Even with the trance like music on the stereo the stream of water was audible in the background.

Before she knew what was going on Morgan has slipped the blindfold from her face and fluorescent light flooded her pupils. She recoiled slightly into herself as they gently adjusted. There was a black large bulb sitting on the counter connected to a medium sized enema bag. As if she could read her thoughts, Morgan stated “Yes that is going inside you, now bend over the counter like a good girl.” Gwen swallowed hard, but did as she was told and melded obediently with the counter. Morgan wrapped her long slender fingers around Gwen’s plush hips and began sliding the black bulb through her accepting star. Slowly but surely, the solution of warm soapy water began to fill her inside as her belly started to expand. Her legs went a little weak as the liquid swirled within her “Such a good slut you are, you drained the two quarts completely,” Morgan exclaimed, “Perhaps I should have given you the full four quarts.” Gwen’s bottom lip began to quiver.

With one fell swoop, she plucked the bulb from Gwen’s parted bum who couldn’t help but let out a gasp as she straightened up her form clenching tightly trying to prevent any leakage, but failing miserably. Morgan chuckled softly, “I stretched you out good and well my dear, you must do your best to keep it in now.” Gwen’s eyes darted past Morgan’s lithe form contemplating a dash to the bathroom, but Morgan, was already two steps ahead of her, closed the door behind her with a knowing smile. She exhaled slightly, focused on her breathing and the sporadic trickle of liquid down her leg. Morgan reached out and caressed her long blonde locks tenderly, engaging her to talk and even giggle softly which only made her trickle more, but she liked it. She enjoyed the feeling of fullness and the sense of completion of taking this much this far.

When she thought she couldn’t take the drizzling any longer, Morgan stepped out of the way of the door. Gwen glided across the floor and scampered in through the bathroom door before plopping down onto the toilet, not even bothering to try closing the door. Her disheveled honey locks falling haphazardly around her face as the liquid began to swiftly expel from her. She inhaled deeply, but shyly sensing Morgan standing over her watching her every move. When she was finished, she rose lazily following Morgan to the bed where they collapsed onto it. Slowly Morgan brushed Gwen’s long tresses murmuring, “Well done sweetness, very well done.”

Are you an active enemaist?  Or is it fantasy only?

Yes! (said with gusto) I play more with enemas than I actually fantasize about them.


Do you prefer to receive or give enemas?  With whom?  Does it cross your sexuality line?

I prefer to give for erotic uses but enjoy receiving for medicinal purposes.  Both are fun. I love to give them to my female partner, role playing as a little girl.  I identify as bi-sexual but my enema interests don’t cross outside of giving them within intimate relationships.


Are you a solo player?  Do you play with others?  Which do you prefer most?

I do some solo enemas but just medicinally.  I love to give my little girl an enema because it gives me a sense of control that really turns me on.


Tell us about your very first enema!  Age?  Why?

The first enema I gave, I was in my mid-20′s and had picked up a gigantic aluminum enema butt plug at a kinky auction in LA.  I didn’t know much about them at first, so they just consisted of me putting water in, and them expelling: that was it.  Just another tool for playing with control.

I used bondage to tie a hot little curvy girl up in my shower, used a knife to cut her clothes off and got a few tears out of her.  She wasn’t sure what was going to happen!  I bent her over, gave her a good double hole fucking, then shoved the butt plug in her (she didn’t know it was an enema plug!).  I pulled out the already filled bag and hooked it up.  She took about 2 quarts for me, then I lifted her out and placed her on the toilet to expel.  I got some good pictures out of it all!!  I love looking back at them.


What is your favorite recipe?  Worst?

I like just warm water and some sea salt, maybe a good squeeze of Dr Bronner’s peppermint soap to keep things fun  :)  Worst…?  I dislike anything with oil, just because it’s a bitch to clean.


Do you engage in other play during enemas?  Rope or bondage? Ginger?

Rope for sure, I love the control bondage can add.  Sex!  I love adding sex because it just makes it all the more filling and uncomfortable.  That allows for the pain/pleasure aspect.


Are you okay with messy, or are you prim & proper in your enema play?

Messy!  It doesn’t bother me.  I’m naturally a clean freak so it pushes me outside of my own comfort zone.  But I’m uber serious about my cleanup afterward.


Fantasies: Celebrity enema crush?

Gwenith Paltrow!


Do you role play with enemas?  What types of stories?

Not really, but I do like to make them reward based.  “You get x if you take this much, hold for this long” etc.


To hold, or not to hold?  That is the question!

HOLD!  Make them squirm.

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