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Remember that lil post about the Enema Bandit from the 70′s? He is baaaaack! Well, not really. Thankfully. BUT, this is an odd case all the same. Does anyone else find their report ending to be rather off the wall? Conspiracy theories…because the story was odd enough? Perhaps it was a new form of gang initiation? Nurse mafia? How can an enema only take a minute and a half? Turkey baster? Fleet? And why don’t my friends love me enough to get her to visit for my birthday?!

A bit of the report by Sonoma News:

Even veteran police officers were dumbfounded by a difficult-to-classify act that may or may not have been a crime but which definitely did stretch the boundaries of the bizarre.

“You are not,” premised Sonoma Police Sgt. Spencer Crum, “you are definitely not, going to believe this.”

The story is brief but no less baffling. On the afternoon of Sunday, May 1, a 53-year-old Sonoma man who is visually impaired – that is to say he could not see well, if at all – was standing in his apartment when a woman appeared in his doorway, unannounced and unexpected.

The woman told him she was there to give him an enema. Because the man had recently undergone intestinal surgery, he thought perhaps that explained her presence. The woman deftly guided him to his bedroom, had him drop his pants and lie face down on his bed. She then gave the man an enema and promptly left.

The whole episode took about a minute-and-a-half, he later told police. The woman did not leave a card or any other identifying information. And given the condition of his eyesight, the man did not, in the complete sense of the word, actually see her.

A day later, on Monday, the enema recipient began wondering about what had happened to him but took no action. By Tuesday, he felt compelled to shed some light on the experience, so he contacted police. An investigating officer promptly called the man’s doctor and was told no enema had been prescribed, ordered or approved.

Sonoma police turned the case over to the domestic and sexual assault unit of the Sonoma Sheriff’s Office who have yet to make sense of the caper. It is well known that fatal enemas have been implicated in conspiracy theories surrounding the deaths of both Napoleon Bonaparte and Marilyn Monroe, but the victim of what may become known in crime annals and police academies across the country as “The Sonoma Enema,” apparently reported no ill-effects from the treatment.

Have you heard of this case? Why didn’t you tell me?!

Well now, if I am ever kidnapped please let it be by Kenyon’s copycat!  He was released in 1981 so I suppose I could allow a sliver of hope for the real deal. All kidding aside, I find this interesting. I wish oh wish I could get details of his thoughts of his own behavior. Was this purely erotic for him? Religious in a sort of cleansing way?

Sadly he was put on a sort of pedestal by some, as though this were a good thing. There are songs and movies hailing his crime in their own way. Don’t get me wrong: we know I condone enemas and violence. A frankly, that’s a heck of a story line. But consent is always paramount! To praise his is frankly disgusting to me. It’s a gross example of how our culture exults violence against women.

Has anyone seen Water Power? I would like to get my hands on that and nom on vintage enema porn! Pre tight lace porn and supposedly awfully graphic. It’s not often I run across enema porn where the water is anything but clear (hmmm, that’s a topic to explore!). Okay, well this movie is officially on my wish list.


Mike Kenyon

Via Wikipedia: Michael Hubert Kenyon (born c. 1944 in Elgin, Illinois) is an American criminal nicknamed the Enema Bandit.

He pleaded guilty to a decade-long series of armed robberies of female victims, some of which involved sexual assaults where he would give them enemas. He is also known as the “Champaign Enema Bandit,” the “Ski Masked Bandit”, and “The Illinois Enema Bandit”.

Kenyon became the subject of the Frank Zappa song “The Illinois Enema Bandit”, first released on Zappa in New York. Jazz composer Henry Threadgill recorded “Salute to the Enema Bandit” on the 1986 album Air Show No. 1. He was also the inspiration for the 1976 adult film Water Power starring Jamie Gillis (later reissued as Enema Bandit). The term “enema bandit” came into wider use following the incidents.

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