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Enema Quotes


“When I wake up in the morning, I just can’t get started until I’ve had that first, piping hot pot of coffee. Oh, I’ve tried other enemas…” –Emo Philips


“If you really want to be moved, don’t read a book…. take an enema.” –Mark Twain


“If you can take the hot lead enema, then you can cast the first stone.” — Lenny Bruce


“She had a lot of nerve signing her note “Love.” [...] But she did sign it that way: “Love.” What did that mean? Did she mean it, or was it habit? She probably signed all of her letters with “Love.” Dear Insured, We are sorry but your policy will not pay for your barium enema as it was done for recreational purposes. Love, Jody. Claims Dept…Maybe not.” –Christopher Moore


“Politics is a choice of enemas. You’re gonna get it up the ass, no matter what you do.” –George Higgins


“The chromatic scale is what you use to give the effect of drinking a quinine martini and having an enema simultaneously.” –Philip Larkin


Can you find any enema quotes to share??


Via HBYnSSQ @ Fetlife:

It’s Saturday morning, you are still on your trip not due home until tomorrow. Storms roar through here in the early morning hours and I’m still a bit sleepy this morning. I have no special plans for this afternoon or tonight just the usual things go to the farmers market and then the grocery store. My nipples are standing at attention and my pussy is wet. I was so tired last night that I didn’t masturbate just went to sleep. Now I’m thinking what would I do if you were here. It would be time for me to have an enema so my arse would be clean and ready for you all day. Just thinking about you taking my arse and I feel my pussy quiver and can feel my juices starting to run down my leg.

In the bathroom I get the bag ready. I make a mental note that I’m almost out of Epsom salts. I attach the inflatable nozzle I’m beginning to hate it less and find pleasure in how it plugs me, forcing me to hold the enema. I slide it deep inside me and give it one full squeeze. I kneel down and open the nozzle, immediately I can feel the warm water filling me. The cramps are quick to follow and I finger my wet pussy to distract myself. I want to cum so badly but my release cannot be found. I wait several minutes and until a wave of cramps passes before I stand up and let the plug deflate. I continue to finger myself as I expel the enema and still I do not cum. I clean myself up, frustrated that I still have not cum. I go get my slender purple vibrator and return to the bathroom. Standing there debating on whether to give myself another enema or just take a shower when I remember you saying that you would like to give me one standing up.

I fill the bag again, step into the tub as a precaution to any leakage or mess. I again insert the nozzle and give it a full squeeze so it will stay in place. I open the nozzle and nothing happens. It takes a moment for me to realize that by hanging the bag on the towel bar as usual it’s to low to accomplish what I need. There are not a lot of places to hang the bag, so I stretch up and hang it off the shower curtain rod. Instantly I feel the rush of water and it goes high up inside me, the cramps are almost unbearable, I turn on the vibrator and begin rubbing it all over my slippery clit. I’m sweating and my belly feels fuller than I’ve ever felt it before. The bag emptied so quickly! Another wave of cramps is building fast and it’s pushing me over the edge. I cum hard, it was so powerful that I can feel my pussy and arse spasming long after my orgasm ends even my legs are trembling. I realize now why when I’ve read about this position that the hands are tied above the head, that would give me the much needed “hand hold” instead I lean against the wall as the hose is to short to kneel to even sit. Once the spasms ease I let the nozzle deflate, there are back to back waves of cramps stronger and higher than I’ve ever experienced before. sweaty and shaking I sit and expel this second enema. It leaves my body almost as forcibly as it entered me. I shower and clean up. I’ve always felt clean after an enema, this time I feel empty, almost hollow.

I regret leaving my red butt plug behind, there is only the small blue plug for me to wear while I’m out shopping. It only teases me, leaving me wanting more. You will not be home soon enough for me. I spend the day without panties and the little blue plug teasing my arse. I wish I had someone nearby that I could call on to fuck my needy arse, but tonight I will need to be patient until your return.

This comes from Zity.biz and reddevil.  It’s a question I have no answer for, as I did not grow up with enemas.  But I know many of you have.

I can’t remember exactly how old I was when I was started on the bulb….. too young to know what was happening. As I grew older, my bulb enemas were very strong, made from Ivory Snow….

I must have been around seven when I first saw the enema bag hanging from the shower head – I was very curious.
I remember filling it up with water and playing with, shooting water all over the tub.

Considering my dread of enemas, I would have thought I would have nothing to do with the bag – but I did not consider it as something that would be used on me, and so I considered simply as something to play with. Like a toy in those days when we didn’t get many toys…

So, I wonder if anyone else growing up back then also played with enema bags, etc, not because of anything erotic, but simply as something to play with… It’s a different way to explore and first become familiar with an enema bag.


Spending Time with Daddy

Chapter 1

Another Tale of Jody’s Adventures

Daddy was glaring angrily down at his two little rug rats, both looking up at him innocently, even though the proof of their trouble was splattered behind them. Mary knew that it was her fault, she hated making Daddy get that look, the look that means that she have been a very bad girl. Slowly she turned to look at the mess hidden behind her, splattered along the floor, and the walls. The two had been playing ball in the house, even though they knew that they shouldn’t, Daddy had told them not to, many times. Now because Mary had been bad, Daddy’s favorite vase lay on the floor in pieces, flowers (one’s he had bought her, for special) and glass was everywhere.

Jody was skulking behind Mary, blushing bright red, giving Daddy hopeful shy smiles, the slut. He had wanted to get attention from Daddy who still wouldn’t play with him, even after getting permission from his mommy at the beginning of the New Year. Daddy though was sneaky and had purposefully been putting Jody off for weeks, flirting with him, patting his head, even giving him gentle kisses on the forehead, lightly brushing his hand against Jody’s pee pee. All of this was leading up to poor Jody walking around with a permanent hard-on and tears, he thought Daddy didn’t like him. I knew that Daddy liked Jody though, but Daddy was rather mean, so I wasn’t surprised that he had been teasing him for so long. All of this led up to today, with Jody playing ball inside the house in a final attempt to get attention, any attention, from Daddy, and me purposely angling the ball to hit something.

Being the helpful little girl that Mary was, she immediately drew Daddy’s attention to Jody.

“Daddy, I didn’t break the vase, I didn’t even want to play ball, JODY did it!” she yelled, pointing her finger at Jody accusingly, adding a few tears for affect.

Jody looked up hopefully at Daddy, a touch of fear in his face but mostly anticipation.

“HOW COULD YOU?” Daddy roared glowering at the two, glaring fiercely.

“If you wanted attention Jody, and Mary, if you wanted to help Jody, there are much better ways then breaking one of my favorite possessions. This vase was a gift from your Mommy, Jody, what do you think she will do when she finds out that Mary deliberately broke it?

With this pronouncement Jody began to shake, tears rolling down his cheeks, face reddening, as the impact of his behavior stuck. Jody wanted Daddy Dave’s attention but not if it meant making him so mad, especially if it meant that Mommy would be mad too. Jody was a really good boy, he didn’t make Daddy mad at all and was always on his best behavior around him, but he had been getting desperate.

“I’m sorry, Daddy Dave I just wanted your attention soooo badly, I couldn’t stand you ignoring me, it was horrible. I wanted you to like me so much, but no matter how helpful I was, no matter what I did, how good a boy I was, you wouldn’t look at me. I had to do something!” Jody wailed, finally lying on the floor and sobbing his heart out.

Realizing that his neglectful behavior had lead little Jody to finally breaking down, he had forgotten how insecure the boy was, Daddy knelt on the floor and pulled him into his arms. Jody wrapped his arms around Daddy’s neck and buried his face into his chest, hiccuping softly as he began to calm down, enjoying the feel of Daddy’s arms around him.

“I’m sorry that I neglected you, but that does not excuse your behavior, no matter how you cry, I’m still going to punish you.” Daddy pulled Jody till they were eye to eye.

Nodding his head obediently, Jody looking adoringly at Daddy ,willing to accept whatever punishment he had earned.

 “Yes sir, I understand. I know it was wrong of me to break your vase, we didn’t think the ball would actually hit anything we just wanted to get you riled up. I’m very sorry” Jody put on his most apologetic face and looked up at Daddy imploringly.

Sighing, Daddy nodded his head. “I understand that the vase was an accident, but it is still broken. Mary honey, please get the dust bin and carefully clean up the mess. Then come back into the discipline room to receive your punishment with Jody.”

“Yes Daddy” Mary nodded her head and went in search of the cleaning supplies.

“And watch the glass!” Daddy yelled warningly. Watching as Mary nodded her head obediently, than turned to look at Jody.

“As to you little boy, I do believe that it is time to receive your punishment.” Jody said nothing as Daddy lifted him up into his arms and carried him towards the discipline room, which when Mary was behaving was often called the play room.

This one was simplistic but fun enough :)  I found it at Enema Tips: A Wife/Mistress discusses how she trains her husband using an enema.  It was submitted by a reader and won (enter your own stories to win).  But there is not author information available.


My name is Laura. I married my husband James when we both very young. We had a relatively normal marriage for the first year or so. We role played occasionally, James being the submissive and me, of course being dominant. We were both naturals at those positions. I loved being waited on, tying him to our bed and teasing him, and he loved groveling at my feet and being controlled by me. It wasn’t until I came home from work early one day that both of our lives changed forever.

James had stayed home sick and I left work around 10:00 AM to surprise him with a little love. I entered the house as quietly as possible and tip toed up to our room. The door was open. I peeked in, and there, to my utter shock was my James, dressed in my panties, stockings and garter belt, sitting at the computer. I then cleared my throat, you know the way you do, when you want to get someones attention. You should have seen James jump up and start trying to explain. He was just making a lot of noise as far as was concerned, all I did was stare in complete shock.

It was then that I noticed what he was doing on the computer. At first I was relieved to see just words, there were no pictures of animals or gay men, just words,he was reading. I began to sternly question what the hell he was doing in my underwear. He tried to explain that he wasn’t gay or anything like that and that it just turned him on to wear women’s underwear. At that point I had enough of him, I told him to go into the bathroom and get changed into his clothes and that we would discuss it later. He obeyed and I sat down to see just what he was reading, that’s when I went back to being completely shocked.

James was reading a story about a wife who forced her husband to dress as a woman, even more importantly as a maid, and work as her slave. He did all the chores around the house, the cooking, the cleaning, he gave her hour long massages, ran her baths, dressed and undressed her, you name it he did it. I knew we had role played, but was this what James wanted, to be my slave. The more I read the more I realized I was getting very turned on. That’s when I decided that it didn’t matter what James wanted this is what I wanted.

I got up from the computer and went down stairs, my heart was racing; could I really turn my husband into a sissy maid? First I knew I had to get James to voluntarily go along with this. I went back upstairs and called him into our room, he nervously entered I could see that he was visibly shaken by being caught in my underwear. I pretended to very upset, almost crying, how could you do this, I asked, I can’t believe you’ve been doing this behind my back. Don’t you love me? That’s when he began saying sorry over and over, I waited for those magic words. Then, he said it, Laura I’m sorry I swear I’ll never do it again, please believe me “I’ll do anything” if you just forgive me. Anything? I asked.

Yes he said. I sat up and slapped his face. You will address me as Goddess or Goddess Laura, is that understood? “Yes Goddess Laura” he answered. I ordered him up stairs to “my” bedroom. Once there, I ordered him to remove his clothes. I then grabbed my hot water bottle kit.

“Your slave training is going to begin today. You have been a very bad husband and you are going to receive a good cleaning.” He didn’t seem to understand what I was talking about, but he was about to. My kit could hold 2 quarts and he was about to get all of it up the butt. I looped the tubing around his neck and grabbed it from behind him. I led him into the bathroom.

“Bend over the endge of the tub you dirty boy!” I yelled still yanking on the tubing. He quickly complied. I turned on the water and got the temperature just right. Into the medicine cabinet I went. I grabbed some KY. I took the tube of KY jelly and dripped a big glob of it on my husbands crack. He twitched. Looking back at me he yelled “What are you doing?”

“I’m cleaning out your dirty ass!” I said. “You are going to get all cleaned up today.” I finished filling the water bottle and attached the tubing. A nicer wife would have explained what she was about to do, but I was mad. He was getting his punishment. I used my finger to put the lube on his anus and gave him a good poke for good measure. He twitched again. I was enjoying this.

Next, I inserted the douche tip of my water bottle into his butt. It was probably a little bit big, but he deserved it. I thought he might freak out but I checked and found his penis was fully erect. He was enjoying this! I opened the clamp on the bag and let the water flow. He was breathing heavy now. I hadn’t had an enema since I was a child so I didn’t really remember what it felt like but I remember my sister used to get them and she hated it. James was both hating and loving it. He kept trying to reach back to stop me but I would just shove him forward so that he would need both hands to keep from hitting his head on the tub. I was merciless, I just kept filling him up.

When the bag was almost empty and James was noticably uncomfortable, I closed the clamp. He felt the flow stop and started to get up. I stopped him. “No, you need to sit and get good and clean”.

“But I need to go!” he said. I told him he wasn’t going to go just yet. I was enjoying my newfound power. I sat down on the vanity and pulled down my slacks. I was going to enjoy this moment and tease him at the same time. I pushed my panties aside and spread my legs. I put one foot on each of James’s butt cheeks and started to masturbate. I was very wet and some more KY only made the experience more pleasurable.

I started to narrate for James because I know it drives him nuts. “I’m playing with myself James and it feels so good. I wish you could make love to me, but you have been bad.” The power was going to my head and it felt great. All of the sensations started to wash over me and I had a powerful orgasm. James was panting heavily by now and groaning that he had to go. After I was done, I let him sit on the toilet and relieve himself. When he was finished I forced him to give me oral pleasure. When I couldn’t possibly take any more, I “let” him masturbate.

Now, James isn’t allowed to slip up at all. Any slight mistake on his part and it is off to the bathroom for a good cleaning.

So what do you think?  Read through some thoughts here


When did you first start giving yourself enemas?
When I was 19 years old

What got you started?
I was about to do my first anal porn shoot

Do you share enema play with others?
Hellz to the yea!  Why limit me to me?!

Ever done it in photos or videos?
Only photos, no videos…I think.

Why do you like solo enemas?
Me time and having all the control on both sides

Is it hard to find others to play with?
It’s all in how you present it


What about you??

Chapter 2 of Jody’s Adventures:


Smiling as I continued to think back on last night’s activities, I began to move around the house, working on my chores. Master had waked me up this morning in a wonderful way. I was happy to be curled up in bed with her; she had kindly carried me into the bed room the night before instead of waking me up, she’s so nice!  Anyway, I found myself thrown over Master’s lap in bed receiving my morning spanking a tradition that we both enjoyed. But after that master went one step farther. As I lay there my freshly reddened up ass, in the air, splayed out over her lap in la la land, Master began running her hand over my ass, enjoying her handiwork, while her other hand reached over to the side table.  Soon I heard a “pop” and began to feel something cool running down my ass. Lube, Master had gotten out the lube. Gasping I pushed my ass against Master’s now lube slicked fingers and moaned, begging for more.

First, I have to admit, I loved being stretched

Second, I loved Masters fingers

Third, I was ALWAYS happy with the inclusion of lube.

All three together left me one very happy little boy.

Groaning in pleasure, I lay in bliss as Master’s slick finger circled my hole, dipping in and pulling out, teasing me. Finally I spread my legs apart, offering up my ass, loosening myself, giving myself wantonly to her, the way I knew Master loved.  Upon my display Master slid her finger all the way into my hole and began stroking in and out slowly adding a second finger, loosening me up. Soon though a third finger was added until she hit that spot, the one that made me see stars and nearly pushed me toward orgasm, except she had slipped that damn cock ring on without me noticing.

Murmuring in pleasure at my blatant responses, Master slowly removed those wonderful fingers and instead slides something else inside me, a plug. Slowly my face began to turn red as I realized just what she was planning. My but plug, more so, my bright pink butt plug, how embarrassing, this plug and I had a love/hate relationship. On the one hand, it was bright pink, with hearts, not only that but it was Hello Kitty, how incredibly demeaning. But on the other hand, it fit just right, snug up against my prostate, and was not too thick or too thin, it was just right and it always stayed in. Like I said, it was a love hate relationship.

“I know how you feel about this toy Jody, but since we will be playing tonight, I want you to spend the day stretching for me and no matter how you feel about Hello Kitty we both know she’s your favorite.”  Master smirked knowingly at me, patting my ass gently.

Still bright red, I nodded my head, unable to disagree with her, it was true.

“Well I’ve got to get ready but I expect you to keep that in all day got it?” Master glared at me warningly.

AS today was an off day for me with work and school, I didn’t mind keep Hello Kitty in all day, so I nodded enthusiastically at master giving her a hopeful smile.

Laughing Master knew what I was hoping for and I soon heard those wonderful words.

“Well there’s still plenty of time left before I have to leave, so Jody, go start the shower.”

MMMMMmmmm…..Shower time with Master, I have just been such a good boy, I LOVED showering with Master. It always reminded me how just how thankful I was to be Masters boy.

Sighing in bliss I got up off her lap and standing up gingerly, and remembering the plug, I began to shamble into the bathroom swaying my hips and making my Master laugh. After I started the shower and got it to a good temperature, I went back to the other room and reverently helped Master out of her bed clothes.

I have always enjoyed helping Master disrobe, watching her body becoming visible. Master though older than me, I was 19, was a beautiful woman.  At age 30, she was mature and carried herself in a way that let others know she knew just how beautiful she was.  At five foot eleven she towered over me by five inches, I was a short for a guy, and with a proportionate figure and a fit stomach and nearly a foot of chestnut hair, she was nothing but amazing.

Soon I found myself in the shower my Master pressed against me, holding me tight, her breast and her Mons slowly moving them against my back. Soon she began teasing my nipples. Rubbing her body against mine and doing all she could to drive me crazy. Soon she had me on my knees, my face buried against her, as I slowly began to fill her up with the pleasure from my tongue and fingers, finally with a cry she came, spilling inside my mouth filling it with enjoyment of me.

Master always tasted wonderful and I enjoyed being able to revel in the power of being able to bring her to such pleasure by myself, that she wanted me just as much as I wanted her. Sometimes I was not so sure, and it was nice seeing evidence of her desire for me.

Our shower was done know though and I was painstakingly drying Master hair (it took forever) and then helping her into her suit. Finally I got a kiss good bye, handed her the lunch I’d made and sent her off to work. What a fucking house husband, I know, but I enjoy doing it, and on the days that I have work and school and Master gets to stay home, mommy makes me breakfast and fills my lunch box with good food, so it’s a good exchange.

Master is a CEO at a local company and is the main bread winner of our little family as I am still in collect but I am determined that one day I will be able to play my part in helping to provide Master with a suitable home and living. I want her to be as proud of me as I am of her.

But until that time, I made sure to keep Master and our home as clean and productive as possible. Which meant I had to go into town to do chores and get dinner ready for when mommy got back home tonight.

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