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Puckering butt

I love that feeling, when my little ass hole puckers and squeezes with the water, squirting and tightening…


I thought this was a pretty decent clip (not work safe (as if this blog is…))

What is your most arousing enema??  Tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine *wink* I get some of your stories via email but I would love to get permission to repost there here and share!

But here is an extreme one I recently ran across (posted anonymously for their privacy).  And yes, there are photos to prove the castration.


My most arousing enema happened a number of years ago but was influenced by a much earlier one that my mother gave me in early adolescence. She administered enemas to me frequently and as I got close to adolescence I had an automatic erection when she told me to undress and come to the bathroom for an enema. While that sexual display of my hairless little penis was embarrassing, I didn’t really object to her enemas. Anyway, this time, the enema felt different and as the bag was nearly empty, I spontaneously ejaculated. I didn’t know much about sex because this was my first orgasm and was totally unexpected. My wife is a kinky nures and she and her roomate gave me enemas even before we were married. I told her my kinky interest in enemas came from having my first orgasm during one. After we were married, we often talked about sexual fantasies and I told her a kinky fantasy would be to have her and my mom administer an enema. But this was just a fantasy and not something that I thought would ever happen.

Without going into all the whys and reasons, things happened to a point where my testicles were going to be surgically removed. My wife had grown more dominant and controlling over me sexually and I was her submissive cuckold husband. My mother knew some of our relationship but not the total depth of it. My wife wanted to give me a complete bowel prep the afternoon and evening prior to the surgery so I wouldn’t have to strain at the toilet for a couple days after I neutered. She also wanted to include an orgasm for me during the enema to at least be symbolically my last orgasm as a complete male. She laughed and said enemas would be book-ends around my adult sexual life. But then she shocked me by telling me to call my mom and invite her over for dinner and to assist with my purging.

I hesitantly called Mom and told her that I had surgery scheduled in two weeks and my wife was going to give me a complete bowel prep the day before and that she was welcome to come over and have dinner with my wife since I couldn’t have any solid food. Of course she asked about the surgery and I had to admit that my testicles were going to be removed. She was quiet for a couple seconds and then said, “Castrated?” I had to simply say, “Yes, Mom.” My wife took over after I admitted that I was going to be neutered and explained the medical reasons why it was being done.

So my Mom stopped by mid-afternoon on that fateful Thursday and gave me a strong dose of castor oil to begin my purge. I hadn’t had castor oil since Grandma used to administer seasonal purges to our entire family every spring and fall and it was as disgusting as I remembered. After they had dinner my stomach was heavy and rumbling and they told me to go undress for my enema. It was the first time I had been naked in front of my mother in at least 35 years. My pubic/anal area was already shaved for the procedure the next morning. My wife prepared the enema and I got on my hands and knees over the edge of the tub like I learned as a child. My wife used a larger penis-shaped nozzle and humiliated me by telling Mom it was longer, thicker and harder than my limp, little penis. She slowly inserted it fully into my clogged rectum and then worked it sensuously in and out as Mom opened the clamp to let the soapy water with glycerine drain into me. My wife told me to masturbate so they could see my last orgasm as an intact male. It was degrading to masturbate in front of them, yet secretly satisfying as only a kinky submissive might understand. I tried to hold back on my orgasm but the wonderful internal pressure and warmth prompted my final emission. I squirted my sperm out onto the floor almost like a horny adolescent but this time as a mature adult facing the end of his sexual life. It did feel splendid but also was melancholy as the pressures inside took center stage. I struggled to take the full bag and then held it for a minute before I got up on the toilet. As I expelled, I looked at the small amount of juice on the floor and knew I’d never have an orgasm or enema like that again. I was castrated the next morning.



My favorite bathtime buddies stopped by for a swim last night:

Dr. Bronner peppermint, Ms Lube and Mr. Duckie vibrator.  What fun we all have together!  I actually weighed myself with 6 quarts in and it came up at about a pound a quart.  Ever try and see how much water weight you can take on??



Mary’s turn with daddy

Spending Time with Daddy Chapter 3

“Put your hands up.” Daddy instructed Mary. She did and he began to gently remove her dress, pulling it over her head watching as her pony tails popped out onto her shoulders. “Turn around now dear”. Obediently Mary turned till her back was to daddy and she could feel his gently removing her bra for her, undoing each of the straps and gently pulling them down and off her. Her nipples hardened as the cold air hit them and she shivered, excited. “K Honey you may keep your panties on, for now I want you to climb up onto the table.

Trustingly Mary climbed up onto the table, her eyes widening at the stand that was placed next to the table. She knew what that stand was for, Daddy thankfully didn’t use it often but, he must be really angry about the vase. Gulping Mary settled onto the table on all fours, knowing what Daddy had planned and obediently submitting to him. Daddy wanted to give her an enema so, an enema she would be receiving. Politely she laid her head down and offered up her bottom, just as Daddy had taught her to.

Standing to her side, Daddy looked at little Mary positioned so politely for him, and smiled, placing his hand gently on her lower back. Running his hand up and down her back, Daddy soothed her gently till she was all loosened up and nearly purring with happiness from his attentions.

“That’s my girl, so good and generally well behaved.” Daddy looked down at her, mildly disproving. “Are you ready for your punishment?” He placed his hand inquiringly on the edge of her panties.  Adventurer lady

“Yes sir” Mary trembled, nervous about the enema. She really didn’t like getting enemas.

“Good Girl”. With that Daddy deftly pulled her panties off and tossed them over his head, causing Mary to giggle up at him, with her face buried on the table. Smiling at her behavior Daddy gently parted her legs and began gently stroking up and down her inner thighs, occasionally dipping his face down to lick and suck, causing her to wiggle and squirm. Soon Daddy had Mary so wet, that even little Jody, whose nose was wedged in the corner, could tell that Mary was ready. He shifted slightly trying to ignore the sudden erection that tented his shorts. Whimpering to himself, he kept his hands behind his back and tried as hard as he could to think of something, anything else.

Smirking to himself as he watched the little boy studiously ignoring his erection, Daddy concentrated all his focus on Mary sliding slicked fingers into her tiny pussy, rubbing them gently against her special spot causing her to squeal and spread her legs out farther apart. With two fingers inside her, daddy moved his thumb until it was lightly circling her little clit, rubbing briskly on it while still pushing against her spot. Daddy kept doing this, until Mary was right on the edge, and then he removed his hand completely causing Mary to begin crying as she was close to orgasm. All children are unhappy at having to wait and Mary was no exception, she beat her fists against the table and wailed. Daddy added more lube to his fingers and waited for Mary to finish her tantrum.

“Hush Mary, good girls know how to wait, you’re a good girl for Daddy aren’t you? Don’t worry honey; it will be worth the wait.” Mary nodded her head and stopped beating her fists, waiting patiently for Daddy to continue.

“That’s my good girl, come on, let’s get started, and try not to be scared.”

“Yes Daddy” Mary replied obediently, drawing her legs back together and offering up her ass again.

“Uhm, such a wonderful little girl my Mary is, such a lovely ass she’s got.” Tenderly Daddy ringed his finger around and around his girl’s tight pucker, loosening it up. Slowly he pushed his finger in, breaching her anus, feeling the tight suction of her walls clutching at him. Moaning quietly Mary pushed against his finger, greatly enjoy the sensation of having something in her ass.

She liked having Daddy’s fingers in her pussy, but she loved how dirty it felt getting her ass fingered.  Laying on the table Mary let herself enjoy the sensation of having another then a third finger pushing into her ass, groaning as they began to slowly be pushed in and out, relaxing her anal muscles until the fingers moved in smoothly.

Pretty soon Mary’s ass was holding four fingers with ease and Mary was nearly crooning in an attempt to get Daddy to get on with it.

Withdrawing his fingers with care, Daddy stroked a hand down the side of Mary’s flank, reassuring her while reaching out with his other hand. Carefully he lifted up the small nozzle that was hanging beside the medical table and quickly slicked it up.

Hand moving to Mary’s lower back and rubbing it, Daddy deftly slipped the nozzle inside her, causing Mary to cry out softly in surprise and clench up.

“Let yourself unwind baby, think peaceful thoughts. I’m about to open up the stream and it’s going to feel wonderful, but a little odd. Are you ready?”   Mary nodded her head nervously.

“I’m beginning” Carefully Daddy opened the latch on the enema hose, letting out a small amount of warmed water to begin flowing into Mary’s tiny ass.

Murmuring pleasantly to herself Mary closed her eyes’ and enjoyed the overwhelming sensation of water leisurely filling up her rectum. Soon she was nearly asleep; the sensation of the water was so soothing she felt light headed.

Smiling down at her, Daddy began to soothingly rub her tummy in gentle circular patterns, helping the water move farther down into her colon, settling deep down inside her. As the water pressure began pressing against Mary’s bowels she started to make quiet whimpers of distress, the water was starting to make her feel very full.

“Almost done Mary the bag is nearly empty, you’re doing well.” Daddy pushed slowly against the side of the enema bag forcing the last of the water down and into Mary.

“Ok Daddy, it’s all in! I’ve been a good girl, can I go to the potty now?” Mary was starting to get anxious, her body felt more filled then it ever had been.

Laughing, Daddy removed her nozzle and slid a butt plug inside her, making Mary cry out in dismay.

“Sorry, but you were a bad girl today, and you enjoyed your enama so much, I have decided that to really make this a punishment you are going to have to hold it for ten minutes.”

“Ten minutes!!” Mary wailed, fear filling her whole face.

“Um huh, ten minutes, but don’t worry Jody over there is going to help that time pass for you. Jody, come over here now.” Jody looked up from the corner that he had been so obediently pressed to. Walking over, he stood in front of Daddy looking hopefully respectful.

“Get under the table Jody, I want you eat Mary out, you have permission to use your mouth and your fingers, nothing else. I expect you to have gotten her over in 10 minutes, or Mary is going to be using you as her chamber pot, got that?” Daddy was feeling smug, he knew one of Mary’s biggest kinks, one that Jody poor boy, didn’t know about. Smiling he set the alarm on his watched and watched Jody expectantly.

“Yes sir” Jody answered obediently, and hoped up on the table, scuttling quickly underneath Mary, reaching her throbbing clit. With great interest Jody set to licking, sucking and fingering Mary’s pussy, putting his all into trying to bring her pleasure. Meanwhile Daddy was behind her, slowly pulling and pushing the butt plug, rubbing insistently against Mary’s ass, making her see stars from the duel sensations. Although Mary was enjoying herself, Daddy wasn’t too concerned that she would come too early.

Too soon, Jody heard the timer buzzing, and he groaned, removing his fingers and mouth from Mary and laying his head obediently on the table, closing his mouth and eyes, wincing in fear.

“Cum” Daddy commanded removing the plug from Mary’s ass. Screaming in pleasure Mary convulsed, simultaneously cumming and letting go control of her bowels, letting loose all over Jody’s upturned face.

Laying on the table, covered in Mary’s excrement, watching Daddy lean over and kiss her gently, completely ignoring him, Jody began to cry. Leaving Jody where he was, Daddy picked up Mary and carried her into her bathroom, instructing her to take a quick shower and tuck herself into bed, no story tonight. Nodding obediently and knowing that Daddy would finally be taking care of Jody, Mary did as she was told, humming happily to herself amongst her bubbles and rubber ducks.



Spending Time with Daddy Chapter 2

Another Tale of Jody’s Adventures

Shivering anxiously in Daddy Dave’s arms, Jody looked up from the large chest that his face had been buried in and watched as Daddy carried him into the discipline room. Nervously he began to chew lightly on his bottom lip, a habit that he had acquired while living with Mommy whenever she was particularly upset with him. Mommy had to eventually invest quite a bit of money in Chap Stick as Jody tended to get into trouble often. He tried not to but, Mommy was awfully busy, which is why she had gotten him to become friends with Mary, in an attempt to find someone to keep him entertained when she was working overtime.

 Jody liked Mary a lot, she was a good girl, and very pretty, they enjoyed playing together, but her Daddy was even better. Dave was an older man in his later thirties, who was powerfully built, had a full head of brown silky hair, piercing hazel eyes and a domineering presence that left Jody feeling jelly legged. Altogether Jody was willing to accept a beating if it meant that he got it from Daddy Dave, so fighting the instinct to run away, Jody sat firmly in Daddy’s arms and reluctantly prepared to receive whatever Daddy had planned for him.

Smiling to himself Dave held little Jody in his arms, walking purposely through his home, plans of punishment whirling in his head. He had initially liked the idea of throwing the boy over his knee and spanking his delicious ass till it was black and blue, but he suspected that Jody would like that too much. Perhaps he would end the punishment that way, but for now, he had to teach Jody that misbehavior would not get him what he wanted.

Reaching the room, Dave set the boy gently on the floor and watched as Jody tried to take off his shirt. “Did I tell you to remove your clothes Jody?” He barked, trying to make his voice as harsh as possible.

Jumping Jody looked up at Daddy Dave questioningly. “No sir, I’m sorry I just wanted…”

”You just wanted to be naked in front of me I know what little pervert boys like you think about, you want the chance to try to seduce me with your body to get out of your punishment. Absolutely not, you will stay clothed throughout most of your punishment. I have no interested in looking at the bodies of bad little boys. Perhaps when you are a bit more respectful I will let you remove your clothes but not till then.” Glaring Dave stared at Jody intimidating him and causing him to let go of his shirt.

Standing still Jody waited for orders. Go stand in the corned Jody I don’t even want to look at you right now. Mary is almost done cleaning and I have to punish her first. I want you to put your nose in the corner and don’t make a sound. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!” Daddy demanded glaring threateningly.

“Yes Sir”. Leaping to attention automatically, Jody nodded his head, and headed toward the closest corner.

 “Not there Jody, take the far back corner.” Gulping Jody changed direction and moved to the corner, the farthest away from everyone nearly hidden by a cabinet. Quietly he settled into the corner and placed his nose squarely where Daddy Dave had told him to. Standing there, Jody could hear Daddy Dave setting up his toys, preparing to punish Mary, the lucky girl. Closing his eyes Jody settled in for a long punishment of being utterly ignored, his least favorite of punishments, and one that he knew Daddy loved the most. Before he began to block everything out and try to keep quiet, Jody heard Mary come into the room, her footsteps faltering as she stepped into the room and saw Jody nearly hidden in the corner.

Walking up, Daddy wrapped her arms around her and gave her a hug. Leaning down he whispered into her ear. “Don’t worry honey as mad as I am I’m not going to leave Jody neglected for too long. You were both right I did wait too long. I was waiting for you two to misbehave I just had hoped that it would be less destructive.” Sighing Daddy lead Mary to the table that he had set up for her.

“I appreciate you wanting to help Jody get my attention, you are such a good girl, but Daddy has told you time and again to not throw a ball in the house, hasn’t he?”

“Yes sir, I’m sorry, I should have found some other way to help Jody. I didn’t mean to break your vase; I loved your flowers so much!” Mary had never received flowers from anyone before, those had been the first ever, and ones that Daddy had picked up for her ‘specially. just because. She felt tears filling her eyes at the thought that they were now sitting abandoned in the dust bin along with all the glass from the vase.

Guessing correct at her tears Daddy hugged her tightly. “Don’t worry those won’t be the only flowers you get from me, I wouldn’t take this experience as reason to not get you new ones. But you will be getting punished for your behavior.”

Nodding her head Mary smiled hopefully up at Daddy. He smiled encouragingly down at her.

“Come on baby, lets gets started.”


Spending Time with Daddy

Chapter 1

Another Tale of Jody’s Adventures

Daddy was glaring angrily down at his two little rug rats, both looking up at him innocently, even though the proof of their trouble was splattered behind them. Mary knew that it was her fault, she hated making Daddy get that look, the look that means that she have been a very bad girl. Slowly she turned to look at the mess hidden behind her, splattered along the floor, and the walls. The two had been playing ball in the house, even though they knew that they shouldn’t, Daddy had told them not to, many times. Now because Mary had been bad, Daddy’s favorite vase lay on the floor in pieces, flowers (one’s he had bought her, for special) and glass was everywhere.

Jody was skulking behind Mary, blushing bright red, giving Daddy hopeful shy smiles, the slut. He had wanted to get attention from Daddy who still wouldn’t play with him, even after getting permission from his mommy at the beginning of the New Year. Daddy though was sneaky and had purposefully been putting Jody off for weeks, flirting with him, patting his head, even giving him gentle kisses on the forehead, lightly brushing his hand against Jody’s pee pee. All of this was leading up to poor Jody walking around with a permanent hard-on and tears, he thought Daddy didn’t like him. I knew that Daddy liked Jody though, but Daddy was rather mean, so I wasn’t surprised that he had been teasing him for so long. All of this led up to today, with Jody playing ball inside the house in a final attempt to get attention, any attention, from Daddy, and me purposely angling the ball to hit something.

Being the helpful little girl that Mary was, she immediately drew Daddy’s attention to Jody.

“Daddy, I didn’t break the vase, I didn’t even want to play ball, JODY did it!” she yelled, pointing her finger at Jody accusingly, adding a few tears for affect.

Jody looked up hopefully at Daddy, a touch of fear in his face but mostly anticipation.

“HOW COULD YOU?” Daddy roared glowering at the two, glaring fiercely.

“If you wanted attention Jody, and Mary, if you wanted to help Jody, there are much better ways then breaking one of my favorite possessions. This vase was a gift from your Mommy, Jody, what do you think she will do when she finds out that Mary deliberately broke it?

With this pronouncement Jody began to shake, tears rolling down his cheeks, face reddening, as the impact of his behavior stuck. Jody wanted Daddy Dave’s attention but not if it meant making him so mad, especially if it meant that Mommy would be mad too. Jody was a really good boy, he didn’t make Daddy mad at all and was always on his best behavior around him, but he had been getting desperate.

“I’m sorry, Daddy Dave I just wanted your attention soooo badly, I couldn’t stand you ignoring me, it was horrible. I wanted you to like me so much, but no matter how helpful I was, no matter what I did, how good a boy I was, you wouldn’t look at me. I had to do something!” Jody wailed, finally lying on the floor and sobbing his heart out.

Realizing that his neglectful behavior had lead little Jody to finally breaking down, he had forgotten how insecure the boy was, Daddy knelt on the floor and pulled him into his arms. Jody wrapped his arms around Daddy’s neck and buried his face into his chest, hiccuping softly as he began to calm down, enjoying the feel of Daddy’s arms around him.

“I’m sorry that I neglected you, but that does not excuse your behavior, no matter how you cry, I’m still going to punish you.” Daddy pulled Jody till they were eye to eye.

Nodding his head obediently, Jody looking adoringly at Daddy ,willing to accept whatever punishment he had earned.

 “Yes sir, I understand. I know it was wrong of me to break your vase, we didn’t think the ball would actually hit anything we just wanted to get you riled up. I’m very sorry” Jody put on his most apologetic face and looked up at Daddy imploringly.

Sighing, Daddy nodded his head. “I understand that the vase was an accident, but it is still broken. Mary honey, please get the dust bin and carefully clean up the mess. Then come back into the discipline room to receive your punishment with Jody.”

“Yes Daddy” Mary nodded her head and went in search of the cleaning supplies.

“And watch the glass!” Daddy yelled warningly. Watching as Mary nodded her head obediently, than turned to look at Jody.

“As to you little boy, I do believe that it is time to receive your punishment.” Jody said nothing as Daddy lifted him up into his arms and carried him towards the discipline room, which when Mary was behaving was often called the play room.

I had to sit in my office, listening to a co-worker speak with another co-worker on speaker phone. That in and of itself is annoying when one is attempting to do work. But the conversation was far more distracting than usual…

“I’m going home early, I don’t feel well.”
“What’s wrong?”
“I have to pick up castor oil”
“You are stopped up?”
“No, I just don’t want to get sick.”

It is at this point that I suck in a big breath and hold it, knowing I should keep my mouth shut…

“Why would you do that?”
“I need to clean cause everyone around me is sick.”
“Not that way, just drink lots of water instead.”
“I wasn’t going to drink it.”
“Oh. No. Get some fluaway meds!”
“Oh, okay.”

Sucking in another breath, I again hold it. Why deny someone such fun?! I sobbed internally.

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