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Celery Cleanse


Celery Cleanse

Via HBYnSSQ @ Fetlife:

It’s Saturday morning, you are still on your trip not due home until tomorrow. Storms roar through here in the early morning hours and I’m still a bit sleepy this morning. I have no special plans for this afternoon or tonight just the usual things go to the farmers market and then the grocery store. My nipples are standing at attention and my pussy is wet. I was so tired last night that I didn’t masturbate just went to sleep. Now I’m thinking what would I do if you were here. It would be time for me to have an enema so my arse would be clean and ready for you all day. Just thinking about you taking my arse and I feel my pussy quiver and can feel my juices starting to run down my leg.

In the bathroom I get the bag ready. I make a mental note that I’m almost out of Epsom salts. I attach the inflatable nozzle I’m beginning to hate it less and find pleasure in how it plugs me, forcing me to hold the enema. I slide it deep inside me and give it one full squeeze. I kneel down and open the nozzle, immediately I can feel the warm water filling me. The cramps are quick to follow and I finger my wet pussy to distract myself. I want to cum so badly but my release cannot be found. I wait several minutes and until a wave of cramps passes before I stand up and let the plug deflate. I continue to finger myself as I expel the enema and still I do not cum. I clean myself up, frustrated that I still have not cum. I go get my slender purple vibrator and return to the bathroom. Standing there debating on whether to give myself another enema or just take a shower when I remember you saying that you would like to give me one standing up.

I fill the bag again, step into the tub as a precaution to any leakage or mess. I again insert the nozzle and give it a full squeeze so it will stay in place. I open the nozzle and nothing happens. It takes a moment for me to realize that by hanging the bag on the towel bar as usual it’s to low to accomplish what I need. There are not a lot of places to hang the bag, so I stretch up and hang it off the shower curtain rod. Instantly I feel the rush of water and it goes high up inside me, the cramps are almost unbearable, I turn on the vibrator and begin rubbing it all over my slippery clit. I’m sweating and my belly feels fuller than I’ve ever felt it before. The bag emptied so quickly! Another wave of cramps is building fast and it’s pushing me over the edge. I cum hard, it was so powerful that I can feel my pussy and arse spasming long after my orgasm ends even my legs are trembling. I realize now why when I’ve read about this position that the hands are tied above the head, that would give me the much needed “hand hold” instead I lean against the wall as the hose is to short to kneel to even sit. Once the spasms ease I let the nozzle deflate, there are back to back waves of cramps stronger and higher than I’ve ever experienced before. sweaty and shaking I sit and expel this second enema. It leaves my body almost as forcibly as it entered me. I shower and clean up. I’ve always felt clean after an enema, this time I feel empty, almost hollow.

I regret leaving my red butt plug behind, there is only the small blue plug for me to wear while I’m out shopping. It only teases me, leaving me wanting more. You will not be home soon enough for me. I spend the day without panties and the little blue plug teasing my arse. I wish I had someone nearby that I could call on to fuck my needy arse, but tonight I will need to be patient until your return.

Via Beth @ Solo Touch:

I was sixteen and my sister Elaine fourteen. Elaine frequently had bouts of constipation which resulted in our mom giving her a warm water enema about once a month. Elaine had told me several times how nice it feels when the water goes into her and how it makes her want to touch herself. I don’t know if she jills because I never brought up the subject with her. Personally, I find the thought of seeing Elaine getting an enema quite erotic.

Anyway, about five days ago my curiosity got the better of me and I told mom that I felt constipated and that I hadn’t gone to the bathroom in a few days. She got quite concerned and without hesitation said that I definitely needed an enema. Mom told me to go to my room and get undressed. I undressed but kept my bra and panties on.

A few minutes later mom came in with her equipment and a large towel which she spread on the bed. I was alreadly getting rather excited just from the preparation part of my experience. Mom then told me to remove my bra and my panties. I don’t know why I had to remove my bra but I very willingly took it off along with my panties. Mom told me to lie on my back with my knees up. I felt so exposed and this caused me to feel even more aroused. I wanted to touch myself and nothing had even happened yet. Mom took one look at me and asked me when I started shaving my pubic area. I told her two years ago. She said it looked so smooth and that Elaine also shaves hers. Mom then put a glop of vaseline in my hole and another glop on the enema nozzle. She pushed the vaseline way up me with her finger and then put in the nozzle. Her finger felt funny but I couldn’t feel the nozzle at all. Mom must have taken a good ten minutes very slowly releasing the warm water into me. It was a nice feeling. I was now quite stimulated sexually and had to force myself not to touch myself.

Mom then pulled out the nozzle and told me to sit on the toilet until I was empty. While in the bathroom I very enthusiastically massaged my clit and finger fucked myself until I enjoyed a very explosive orgasm. I had to laugh when I came out of the bathroom. Mom asked me if I now felt better. I told her I sure did in more ways than one. She didn’t get it.

The enema certainly aroused very erotic feelings in me both mentally and physically. While getting the enema I wanted my mom to touch me and I almost even said something to her but didn’t. I still wonder how she would have responded to my request.

I very definitely want another enema from my mom but if I say I’m constipated in the near future I’m sure she will catch on to what I really want. The question then would be, would she still give me the enema knowing I had other motives. I would be mortified if I asked her and she said no. I need to figure out what I want to do here and all I know is that I want another enema.