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We haven’t been playing as usual.  Allowing life to get in our way and all that.

At the start of the weekend, I picked him up at the airport.  Daddy decided he was amiss in making up for that lost time! After a morning and afternoon long bike ride, lots of sweat and dirt, we rolled into a shower.  I put my best pout-y face on and asked why it had been so long since my last enema.  He responded first with a quizzical look.

Within a moment I found myself shoved into the corner of the shower, head and nose pressed against the wall, and lubed fingers probing my ass.  Before I could get a gasp out, the shower shot was turned on and I was commanded to pressed back onto it.

Howls quickly filled the bathroom as I doubled over in pain.  Not to waist an opportunity, Daddy mounted me from behind.  I screamed I couldn’t hold so much in my tummy but he only responded by taking a hand full of hair and shoving my head down between my knees.

Water exploded out of me as I was attempting to determine whether I was about to either throw up or pass out.  Either, I was convinced, would make me feel better than I did at that moment.

Instead, I was stood up, turned around and taken against the cold tiles, my head hitting the wall as water cascaded down my face and I struggled to get a breath.  Daddy groaned and I realized he was receiving an enema as well.  Both of us with bellies being filled, taking the discomfort and pain out on each other with thrusting hips.

An hour later, with pruned fingers and toes we finally got out of the shower and rolled into the bed to continue the fun.  Three hours later and I had to drop him onto a plane.  I’m looking forward to his return, more than usual.

This was found on the blogspot Child Murdering Robot by Ricky Sprague:

(Written) by the great but little-known Joel S. Muttoe. It’s fairly bold for its time, and has a highly untraditional meter. This page was scanned several years ago from an obscure volume of Victorian poetry whose title I can’t remember, but was edited by Carr, I believe.

A little about the author (Muttoe): He was a native of Slopshire and educated privately by his mother, who had fervently hoped to have a daughter. He toiled as a clerk for about ten years, writing unpopular lyrics in his spare time. Critics and the public alike were put off by what they considered to be self-indulgence and lack of skill. Eventually, he renounced literature and began a lucrative career as a traveling enemist, perhaps not unlike the “gregarious specialist” of this poem.

Recently my big sister and her husband came out from California to visit me and the rest of our family for a short get together. On one of the evenings that she was staying over we decided to make dinner for the family and took me shopping for supplies. During our trip she decided to pick up a piece of ginger with the threat of using it on me. Having never tried ginger in my ass before, I didn’t believe her and hoped that she would/wouldn’t use it on me. But being my big sister, the ginger found its way into my ass. While she was preparing dinner for the family, she cut the ginger up into the salad but while doing so managed to create a phallic looking piece which she then proceeded to help me place inside my ass with the instructions that it was supposed to stay in till after dinner was finished.

At first I was very skeptical about the idea of placing raw ginger up my ass, but as I have discovered, I enjoyed other things that she puts up my ass and as she didn’t make it a choice I ended up at the dining room table facing our parents and younger siblings with fresh cut ginger lodged firmly inside me. When I had first placed it up me it just felt strange but soon both the inside and outside of my ass was stinging. Then my cunt began to sting and dinner became much more difficult to focus on. Soon every time I moved I felt the ginger move inside me and my body became hotter and hotter, as arousal began to pool low inside me. After awhile all I could think about was that ginger and how incredibly horny I felt and how badly I wanted an enema. Both my sister and brother in law were watching me during dinner and I couldn’t help squirming when I caught their eyes and saw them leer at me.  My little sister finally asked if I was alright because I kept squirming so much so I had to finally try to keep still with the feeling of becoming extremely aroused spreading throughout my entire body. Finally after the dinner was done and dishes were washed, and desert was eaten, my sister told me that dinner was done and I rushed upstairs to my room.

Once I got up to my room I immediately stripped naked and pulled out my enema bag. I was so aroused I could feel my nipples harden and my cunt was so wet I had dripped all down my legs, because I had been rubbing them together attempting to stoke my clit all through dinner, brushing my two labia rings against it, trying to find some relief from the arousal that the ginger in my ass was causing. After filling up my enema bag I slipped into my shower and fitting my bag to the shower head I laid on the tile floor and after inserting the nozzle into myself and turning my vibrating bullet on full speed I proceeded to happily fill my body full of wonderful luke warm water that made my stomach bulge and my cunt become unbearable. Finally as the last of the water filled me, I fell into a spiral as my body hit one climax after another, my breath became ragged and quickened and I began to moan, one hand on my clit, the other pinching and rubbing my nipples loving the fill of the ginger as it was is mixed with the water. Finally after the last orgasm hit me, I lay moaning in contentment on the floor.

Soon though nature called and I had to remove the nozzle and find my toilet as fast as possible. Water with ginger added to it is very interesting when it leaves your body and I love the feel of releasing a full belly of water. The added feeling of the gingers sting as it left me caused my body to begin to get aroused all over again and I had to jack off again after emptying myself of everything while cleaning off in the shower. I then got dressed into my PJs, and went down stairs to watch a movie with my family and snuggle with my sister. I had been very critical at the beginning of the evening as I so typically am about many of her orders, but the mixture of the ginger, the sensation of something not only rubbing inside my ass but also stinging and arousing my clit and having to behave in front of my parents with the knowledge of the ginger in my ass all caused me to have one of the best family dinners of my life.