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Here we go again!! And this time I got to spend time purchasing needle supplies from Boss Bondage along with fun medical fetish implements including saline infusion supplies and an incredible vintage 1942 enema can from Kinky Medical. It’s 2 quarts and stainless steel, absolutely a beauty.

The plaster casting and bondage class was a huge success as it was the most hands on interactive class we had and folks made a wonderful mess while having fun. I was lit on fire as the fire demo girl and as always couldn’t get enough of the fire.

What a treat to have Lochai from Kink for the weekend. I know he had a blast and learned some new tricks that we will hopefully see on their site soon. He very animated and both he and his lovelies seemed excited about the prospects.

The catered meals were yummy–super kudos to the chefs for putting out such awesome spreads all weekend long. They kept us filled and yet ready to try the next dish.

I couldn’t believe how perfectly the ending ceremonies went. Lots of attendees won prizes and the sacrificial enema virgin actually had an orgasm mid-filling!! She was such a good sport and so embarrassed to have shared that with an entire audience behind her.

I am exhausted but already looking forward to next years event. Same weekend, same location–all new ideas already.

Did you see the announcement? It hit us like a storm!
Check it out here.

I recently watched the newest enema film to come out from Kink.com


This one is called Enema Submission. I must say that I was terribly disappointed with the film, mostly because I’m positive Lochai can do much better work! The ridiculous amount of Hitachi work was painfully pitiful in terms of creativity and frankly not interesting in the slightest. Regardless of this particular film, I am ecstatic they are showing enemas on their films finally!

The highlight of the film for me, was in the architecture of the space. The drain in the floor was fabulous and I for one am envious of that space and of a girl whom clearly can take so little getting to utilize such a nasty, yummy and sexy drain!! Puurrrrr

Clearly the lines were not well rehearsed, and more importantly it seems their newest rigger wants to now also be a Master-Dominant-Domly-Dom and frankly his efforts are showing…

Were he to simply shut up and let loose, get nasty wet and dirty, punch her gut full of water, spit in her face and cram his cock into her full ass: THEN I would be pleased with the porn industry, for once.

But alas, the boy and I laughed through nearly the whole thing…

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