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Via Klysterlover @ Fetlife:

Assemble the following ingredients: 4 bananas – not too ripe, but not green either – break each in half 1 tampon – medium absorbency fine (note: a disposable diaper liner is a suitable alternative) * 4 liquid fleet suppositories- (note: not fleet enemas and not solid glycerin suppositories)

  1. place banana halves in a glass bowl and nuke for 30 secs (optional)
  2. empty two of the fleet liquid suppository applicators onto the banana halves making sure the tips of each are lightly lubricated
  3. empty the other two applicators up the subs rectum
  4. slip the banana halves tip-first into the sub’s butt, one at a time (obviously). This may take a couple of minutes. It is a wonderfully strange sensation for the sub, so no need to race through this. the first banana will completely smash up. Push as much as you can in with your gloved hand. It’s weird, but believe it or not, they start to go in easier and easier. By the 3rd or 4th half, they pop right in. This is why you start with 8 halves. By the last half, you’re sub will be incredibly full.
  5. tightly roll the kotex pad in sleeping bag fashion. sticky plastic side inward; cotton side facing out or get the tampon ready.
  6. wipe up the glass bowl with remaining liquid suppository – if necessary, pop open another and thoroughly lube it up.
  7. insert the rolled-up kotex into your sub’s quivering (and very full) rectum. If necessary, use your finger to push it all the way in.
  8. tightly diaper your sub and finish it off with snug plastic pants.
  9. Allow your sub to lay calmly for a few minutes; then make him get up stand; answer questions; walk around; whatever.

Here’s what is going on. The sub is obviously incredibly full of very wet, warm and weighted mush. And the quick-acting suppository is screaming at the poor sub’s bowels “Void. Void!”. But…as the tampon begins to absorb the moisture from the bananas, it slowly expands and forms a snug and incredibly effective plug. The resulting predicament is that the sub feels that intense crampy and panicky feeling. If they try to tighten their sphincter, the intensity of the cramping actually grows. I’m not sure why, but it does. And if they relax their sphincter (and eventually they have to); they find that they are absolutely 100% sure they are about to fill their pants, but at the very last second…they don’t. The cramping and trembling subsides. They can actually stand and converse semi-intelligently. But then, in about 90 seconds, they feel it building again. That nasty wave of cramping. Everything goes crazy again. They can’t focus; can’t speak. It’s happening, oh my god, I can’t hold it….but then it backs off again. It’s like wave after wave of contraction. Each one gets slightly stronger. And each one forces the sphincter to dilate a tiny bit more. This can sometimes go on for 45 minutes or longer. After 30 to 60 minutes, the sub is totally freaked out. This is supremely controlling for the domme. You own every part of their existence at this point. And there are all kinds of creative ways for you to intensify the mind fuck. Dress him up, take him for a walk, maybe grocery shopping, and watch him try to mask his contractions and misery. This is as close to incontinence as most subs get. I mean, with a full enema, at some point, you release and soil yourself. But with this, even if you push down a little, the plug means that everything takes it’s own course. It will happen when it happens. And that’s that. You won’t know. And the sub or big baby won’t be able to tell you either. But then, at some point the sub’s tired and quivering little sphincter surrenders all hope, and involuntarily spreads and the sub’s diapers fill with a mass of warm, wet, steamy ooze. But that’s not it, in most cases, about 30 seconds after the pressure is relieved from the prostate gland, the sub’s bladder will involuntarily empty as well. This qualifies as an emotionally, mentally and physically intense experience. Sure to leave any bottom completely chagrined, humiliated and weakened.

Most dom/mes who have tried this recipe have been utterly blown away that such an intense form of control and humiliation can be relatively easily orchestrated with common grocery store items.

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I will continue to do so just because what we put into the world returns to us: I LOVE spankings.  I did not start a spanking blog only because there are enough out there and enemas are far more a novelty and new exploration for me.  BUTT, in some other life I would adore having a spanking blog and being the spanking slut I know I am inside.  If I were not SUCH a spanking slut I would have one-night-stand spankings alllll the time.  Maybe if the topic were less taboo, my audience would talk back to me instead of just sheepishly lurking…. *hint, hint

Well, tonight I’m getting both and I am super excited.  And too, you will get evidence cause I have gotten a promise for pictures.  YAY!  I’m sitting here wishing I had shaved more than the little bits I did this morning before I knew my plans.  But oh well.  I am excited, shaking in my chair, doing kegels and generally warming myself up.  It is going to be a long day yet and I only get it all at the end so this is a marathon, not a sprint.  Frustrating!!  OH NO…I just realized I am going snowboarding tomorrow with an already sore butt.  Go ahead…laugh at me.  But we know I’ll smile instead of grimace when I fall!

Any suggestions or desires for the shoot tonight?  What do you want to see?  I was thinking a milk enema might photograph well…

I’m not going to do one of those “sorry I disappeared” posts other than to say: I’m absolutely lucky to have a life so full that I haven’t had time to commit to sitting at the computer.

With that said, let’s get along with our irregularly scheduled programming.  Anyone out there have some new works you would like to share, sites you have run across, questions, etc?

We haven’t been playing as usual.  Allowing life to get in our way and all that.

At the start of the weekend, I picked him up at the airport.  Daddy decided he was amiss in making up for that lost time! After a morning and afternoon long bike ride, lots of sweat and dirt, we rolled into a shower.  I put my best pout-y face on and asked why it had been so long since my last enema.  He responded first with a quizzical look.

Within a moment I found myself shoved into the corner of the shower, head and nose pressed against the wall, and lubed fingers probing my ass.  Before I could get a gasp out, the shower shot was turned on and I was commanded to pressed back onto it.

Howls quickly filled the bathroom as I doubled over in pain.  Not to waist an opportunity, Daddy mounted me from behind.  I screamed I couldn’t hold so much in my tummy but he only responded by taking a hand full of hair and shoving my head down between my knees.

Water exploded out of me as I was attempting to determine whether I was about to either throw up or pass out.  Either, I was convinced, would make me feel better than I did at that moment.

Instead, I was stood up, turned around and taken against the cold tiles, my head hitting the wall as water cascaded down my face and I struggled to get a breath.  Daddy groaned and I realized he was receiving an enema as well.  Both of us with bellies being filled, taking the discomfort and pain out on each other with thrusting hips.

An hour later, with pruned fingers and toes we finally got out of the shower and rolled into the bed to continue the fun.  Three hours later and I had to drop him onto a plane.  I’m looking forward to his return, more than usual.

True Enema Stories, Volume 1 has recently reached #1 in sales on Amazon in two Kindle categories. That’s wonderful to know there are so many out there that are interested in enema erotica!

I wonder if this has anything to do with the ability to order a book without having the concern of someone seeing a tangible book with the word “enema” on it? Similar to the skyrocketing of porn sales since the internet allows us to view it without having to find an appropriate place to put the DVD or VHS when the in-laws visit!

Product Description: Every relationship appears: husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, parent/child, cousins, doctor or nurse/patient, and of course jailers and unhappy prisoners in reformatories and jails. And all sorts of emotions, sometimes conflicting: pain and pleasure, submission and dominance, and of course sexual excitement and awakening.

In Girl’s Reform School Enemas, a teenage girl endures harsh clean–outs. In My Barium Enema, a teenage boy receives enemas in front of his mother and a nurse he calls “Miss Denmark.” In My Cousin’s Enema Punishment, a young man finds himself in charge of his beautiful cousin. In Girl’s Sigmoidoscopy, the writer endures enemas and a medical procedure in front of her adored big brother. Nurse’s Barium Enema Prep offers a nurse’s experiences and emotions both receiving and giving enemas. Young Man Gives Enemas to his Sisters describes surprising child–raising practices. In Pleasant Enemas, a man describes receiving and giving enemas. Sorority Initiation should give pause to any college freshman considering joining a sorority or fraternity. In Bratty Girlfriend’s Rectal Exam a misbehaving girlfriend gets a comeuppance. Jimmy’s Enema has a teenage boy treated by his mom and cousin. In The Chinese Herbalist, a young man gets an interesting treatment from a 90 year–old healer and his medical assistant—his beautiful, medically–precocious great–great–grand–daughter. And much, much more.



Found on AllExpert.com:

I love enemas and electrical play. Since water and electricity have a history, do you know if it’s dangerous to mix them anally by, say, using an electrical butt plug with an tens unit while full of enema fluid? It sounds hot, but if it killed me, that would definitely be a drag.

The problem with water is the fact it is fluid. As such leakages and distribution problems may occur with enema waters and a plug inserted. Besides direct contractions of sphincter/colon with already filled bowels could be a self defeating exercise not being able to retain the enema. The only safe combination I see is external pads of the TENS with an enema in. Perhaps placing pads close, but externally to the area of enema. The potential for messy uncontrollable discharges still remains, but the aggravation risk lessened.

So here’s an enema area that runs smack into my kink side of life, YAY!
I don’t know first hand about utilizing an electrical butt plug with regards to retention. But I would agree that you could most certainly put tens unit pads around the outside of your little brown star. In the area of mess: just do this with chucks down, or in the bathtub if you’re concerned. Though I would think that difficulty and the fear of making a mess would be more fun *evil twinkle in my eye

Now, if someone said, “I want you to do electrical and enema play with me at the same time”, my mind first goes to filling them with water and then utilizing medical sounds along with a violet wand. If you have not seen someone playing with a violet wand, it’s lovely! The bottom gets jumpy, fidgety, and tenses their muscles. Of course this is everything that makes a long and difficult retention even more frustratijng. Puuuurrrrfect. Give it a try, let me know what you think!

Shared by a Mr. Young. Though this seems more likely someone’s lovely day dream, I thought it fun enough to post here since they sent it to me:

I had my enema at age 5, a hot soapy mixture my mom made up with bar soap and literally poured into me with this douche nozzle and 1.5 Qt. latex enema bag: it was an acciident from the beginning and I howled in pain as the water flooded into me, my poor bowels aching so badly and my mom piching the skin of my anus to force me to hold the water. I still remember crying, it hurt so bad (if I recall correctly, she had me on her lap with the bag hanging on the shower rod to free her hands, and she had no idea just how fast the water was pouring out of that elevated bag. Whatever she was thinking, it wasn’t about being 5 and feeling so frightened or in such pain.

A year llater, she tried to take her life when her fiance died suddenly, and I was in a Lutheran orphanage in central PA the next day. My second day there, I had to go to bed in the dispensary that night and at about 4:00, the nurse got me up and I had to take my pajama bottoms down and climb up onto a gurney. There, she had this huge, red rubber enema bag with seemingly a mile of tubing. I still remember the smell of Ivory soap connected with that bag that was hung on an IV pole on the side of the gurney. A huge hard-plastic nozzle covered with Vaseline was unceremoniously shoved into my rear and in came the burning water mixture. I can’t take an enema today without literlaly tasting Ivory soap. I remebered the enema I’d been given the year before but this bag was overulled to the point of almost being round, and I tensed up almost from the beginning, having an accident with less than half the solution having gone int me. Not only did I have to finish that one, but she repeated it after I’d expelled the first and spent a very unpleasant morning in the dispensary. After I’d finished the second soap suds enema, I had to take two more — but these were administered with a huge 1.25″ colon tube that I thouoght was going to tear by butt open. The worst of it was that most of the tube was pushed high up inside me and I had never felt like I was going to burst open before.

Every month, two of our names came up and we’d have to take our pjs and stuffed toys over to the dispensary to be hosed out early the next morning. One huge enema of hot, water was sent high up into our colon. After we were finished, we had to lie on our right side and hold the water for a minimum of 15 minutes, but there being no clock other than that pinned to Mrs.Paul’s uniform, it always seemed like hours and we’d call and shout for her to come back and let up get up. I think that to teach us an object lesson anpout giving her a lot of guff, she’d deliberately delay coming back to the treatment room. Any discernable leaks were harshly dealth with. I still remember her making up that first mixture of Ivory Snow soap flakes, with 4 ounces of liquid glycerin per pint of hot water and one cup or so of lemon juice concentrate into the steaming water. After filling each bag, she’d hang the bag top up and siphon the water put of the mixing bucket tg et the last of the solution and the bag seemed almost round by the time she’s hang it above us. She would at least administer it slowly but I always got to a point where I felt that I could hold another drop, and when I’d complain, she’d make me get on my knees chest down to hold the solution better. I still don’t know how I ever held so much.

The second clear-water enema was just as big, except that it was administered with a big, thick colon tube that was thickly covered with Vaseline. She’d put several inches into us before she would start, and the tube all but disappeared by the time the last of the water was given. The pressure now was even greater with this big, round red tube shoved up my bum, and even with the Vaseline, I remember that my poor little anus felt as though it was going to tear wide open.

Some of the older boys would have an accident and the younger boys wuld get blamed for getting up and … you get the idea. I had to repeat the enema after it was expelled, the penalty for getting up before our time was up. If memory serves me correctly, my record was 7 enemas in one day, but not close to the record that a girl in the school had. And whiile all my friends were outside playing baseball or other sports, I was still in the dispensary getting a hse shoved up my bum.

When I left the orphanage six years after getting there, I hoped that I’d had my last enema I remembered thinking as I was driven away from the orphanage grounds. It was something I never became accustomed to and I was glad I didn’t have to ever go through it again.

The next year, I spent my summer in western PA at the home of one of my five aunts. I remember one particular week when I was out follong around with other kids and I came home badly dehydrated every night for a week. I remember feeling that I couldn’t have a bowel movement, and my aunt recalled that I came in the door so thirsty that I could hardly talk. My aunt figured out that I was so deydrated that my constipation probably risked being impacted. She trotted out this humongous “fountain” douche bag with a large, white soft rubber nozzle and was in the process of mixing something up in the sink
when a phone call took her suddenly away from home, but not before leaving her oldest, 17-year old daughter in charge. My cousin was a volunteer in the local old soldiers’ home but whatever she knew about medicine, she knew nothing about enemas.

My cousin and her sister, a year youngerm giggled too much for my comfort and I recall thinking that I was having none of thism no matter how much trouble I got into with my aunt. I was a little more than half way to the back door when the two of them literally tackled me and had my pants and underpants off before I could fight them off. My younger cousing disappeared laughing, waving my pants at me, and my older cousin gave me a washcloth to put over myself. I was beet-red with embarassment and tried to dash to the bathroom, hoping to beat her there so I could lock myself in until my aunt got home, but she grabbed at the washcloth and came away with it, just as her sister blocked my retreat. I was forced into the bedroom and told to get on my knees on the bed. Reluctantly, I did so but not before I lost my shirt and t-shirt to one of the girls. They enjoyed their advantage just a little too much and I had no idea what they had in store for me.

I was kept lying face down on the bed, chest pressed flat against the mattress, when my older cousin brought the open-mouthed
bag slopping water out of the top into the room, and as one girl took down a plant hanging on a nail, the other placed the bag on the nail and straightened the thick tubing leading down to this obscene penis-sized white rubber nozzle, greased with at least an inch of Vaseline. The nozzle was pushed into me and without warning, the stopcock was opened. One of my cousins reached down to my abdomen and started to rub it, bumping “accidentally” into the erection I was trying to hide that I’d developed when the huge nozzle slid into my rear. I heard giggling and without any ceremony, my older cousin sat down on the bed and had me slide onto her lap. In doing so, my erect penis pushed against her leg and my testicles bumped against her leg with every movement that she made. I thought that she was having a great deal of trouble keeping this huge rubber nozzle in for, with my bum centered over her left leg, she kept moving the nozzle around, puting pressure on my rectum in various places — not all of it unpleasant (the nozzle was huge) — but I was embarassed by my stiff erection pushing against her, testicles flopping around and I could feel that my face had colored a bright red.

I almost bolted off the bed when my younger cousing put her hand around my erection and beghan to masturbate me, slowly, and I found it diffficult to breath. I was beginning to get “full” and mercifully, my older cousin stopped the flow and patted my rear, then rubbed her hand around my bum, back and legs. I had no idea why this felt so appealing, being acutely aware of my naked state and feeling embarassed about my erection. This had gone on for seemingly an eternity when my younger cousin stopped playing with me, pushed the nozzle hard into me, and pulled me by my shoulder along with her sister and got me up onto my knees. Pushing the nozzle high up into my rectum, but moving it around every now and then, my older cousin got on her hands and knees and put my rock-hard penis into her mouth and began sucking on it, moving her head up and down slowly. Her sister held the nozzle high into my rear with one had and held my penis by its base until her sister had control of me. The feelings were wonderful! My heart beat so hard and fast that I felt I was going to suffocate, feeling light-headed. My younger cousin held me steady with one arm wrapped around my waist while her other arm was around my chest, playing with one nipple then the other, something that made them hurt because they were both hard. Whatever a young boy experiences masturbating was nothing like and could not have prepared me for the absolutely devastating orgasm that I had.

I had finished the enema and had to rush into the bathroom, taking caring who might have seen me in my mad dash for the toilet. When I finished expelling the solution, my cousins came into the bathroom and washed me, standing in the tub, and while I toweled off with my younger cousin helping, the older one went back into the kitchen to prepared another enema. The next enema, obviously the cost of admission into manhood, went without struggling as my younger cousin introduced me to intercourse, the older playing with my rump.

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