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We haven’t been playing as usual.  Allowing life to get in our way and all that.

At the start of the weekend, I picked him up at the airport.  Daddy decided he was amiss in making up for that lost time! After a morning and afternoon long bike ride, lots of sweat and dirt, we rolled into a shower.  I put my best pout-y face on and asked why it had been so long since my last enema.  He responded first with a quizzical look.

Within a moment I found myself shoved into the corner of the shower, head and nose pressed against the wall, and lubed fingers probing my ass.  Before I could get a gasp out, the shower shot was turned on and I was commanded to pressed back onto it.

Howls quickly filled the bathroom as I doubled over in pain.  Not to waist an opportunity, Daddy mounted me from behind.  I screamed I couldn’t hold so much in my tummy but he only responded by taking a hand full of hair and shoving my head down between my knees.

Water exploded out of me as I was attempting to determine whether I was about to either throw up or pass out.  Either, I was convinced, would make me feel better than I did at that moment.

Instead, I was stood up, turned around and taken against the cold tiles, my head hitting the wall as water cascaded down my face and I struggled to get a breath.  Daddy groaned and I realized he was receiving an enema as well.  Both of us with bellies being filled, taking the discomfort and pain out on each other with thrusting hips.

An hour later, with pruned fingers and toes we finally got out of the shower and rolled into the bed to continue the fun.  Three hours later and I had to drop him onto a plane.  I’m looking forward to his return, more than usual.

True Enema Stories, Volume 1 has recently reached #1 in sales on Amazon in two Kindle categories. That’s wonderful to know there are so many out there that are interested in enema erotica!

I wonder if this has anything to do with the ability to order a book without having the concern of someone seeing a tangible book with the word “enema” on it? Similar to the skyrocketing of porn sales since the internet allows us to view it without having to find an appropriate place to put the DVD or VHS when the in-laws visit!

Product Description: Every relationship appears: husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, parent/child, cousins, doctor or nurse/patient, and of course jailers and unhappy prisoners in reformatories and jails. And all sorts of emotions, sometimes conflicting: pain and pleasure, submission and dominance, and of course sexual excitement and awakening.

In Girl’s Reform School Enemas, a teenage girl endures harsh clean–outs. In My Barium Enema, a teenage boy receives enemas in front of his mother and a nurse he calls “Miss Denmark.” In My Cousin’s Enema Punishment, a young man finds himself in charge of his beautiful cousin. In Girl’s Sigmoidoscopy, the writer endures enemas and a medical procedure in front of her adored big brother. Nurse’s Barium Enema Prep offers a nurse’s experiences and emotions both receiving and giving enemas. Young Man Gives Enemas to his Sisters describes surprising child–raising practices. In Pleasant Enemas, a man describes receiving and giving enemas. Sorority Initiation should give pause to any college freshman considering joining a sorority or fraternity. In Bratty Girlfriend’s Rectal Exam a misbehaving girlfriend gets a comeuppance. Jimmy’s Enema has a teenage boy treated by his mom and cousin. In The Chinese Herbalist, a young man gets an interesting treatment from a 90 year–old healer and his medical assistant—his beautiful, medically–precocious great–great–grand–daughter. And much, much more.



Found on AllExpert.com:

I love enemas and electrical play. Since water and electricity have a history, do you know if it’s dangerous to mix them anally by, say, using an electrical butt plug with an tens unit while full of enema fluid? It sounds hot, but if it killed me, that would definitely be a drag.

The problem with water is the fact it is fluid. As such leakages and distribution problems may occur with enema waters and a plug inserted. Besides direct contractions of sphincter/colon with already filled bowels could be a self defeating exercise not being able to retain the enema. The only safe combination I see is external pads of the TENS with an enema in. Perhaps placing pads close, but externally to the area of enema. The potential for messy uncontrollable discharges still remains, but the aggravation risk lessened.

So here’s an enema area that runs smack into my kink side of life, YAY!
I don’t know first hand about utilizing an electrical butt plug with regards to retention. But I would agree that you could most certainly put tens unit pads around the outside of your little brown star. In the area of mess: just do this with chucks down, or in the bathtub if you’re concerned. Though I would think that difficulty and the fear of making a mess would be more fun *evil twinkle in my eye

Now, if someone said, “I want you to do electrical and enema play with me at the same time”, my mind first goes to filling them with water and then utilizing medical sounds along with a violet wand. If you have not seen someone playing with a violet wand, it’s lovely! The bottom gets jumpy, fidgety, and tenses their muscles. Of course this is everything that makes a long and difficult retention even more frustratijng. Puuuurrrrfect. Give it a try, let me know what you think!