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Ways to Expel

I am continually surprised with people’s creative and umm…interesting choices when it comes to enemas.  More recently, when considering options for expelling.  Here are just a few ideas I’ve seen:

  • Toilet – well, duh
  • Submerged in the bathtub – I’m a splosher, but really?
  • In a rubber or latex suit. The suit contains the enemas when released – squishy I imagine
  • While wearing chest high Hydroglove rubber waders – wow…I don’t have words…
  • Taking the drain cap off of the shower floor and just letting loose – I happen to know this works wonderfully
  • In bed, on a bedpan – I need to try this
  • Inflatable nozzles with two tubes. One for an intake and one with larger diameter for draining. The releasing hose is placed outside of your bath tub directly to your toilet – Interesting and intriguing both!


Some suggestions when utilizing a toilet (thanks to @MaxPrivate on fetlife):

  • Get your feet off the floor with a stool or put your heels on the front lip of the toilet seat while leaning forward
  • If the cramping is higher up, it is because you are increasing the kinks in your colon. In that case you want to sit bolt upright and even stick your bum out and arch your back and lean back to elongate and stretch your belly. When the cramp passes go back to elevating your knees and leaning forward
  • If you are cramping trying to get the stuff out of your ascending colon (a really high colonic cramp) then site up straight and turn your whole upper body (shoulders and rib cage) to the right as far as you can. You can go even further by pressing the heel of your right palm into the right side of your belly just under your ribs and then turn your upper body to the right. If the movement gets stuck again at some lower point go back to the other exercises above.



The bidet that gives you an enema?


Daddy Gives His Little Girl an Enema
Guest published by Daddy

Between both of our busy schedules I have not been able to give my little girl an enema for quite some time. A few months ago at Efest West I bought some organic coffee grounds to give her a coffee enema on a special occasion. I figured now was the time since it had been so long.

I called her earlier in the day and asked her not to drink anything with a lot of caffeine in it. I did not want her to get a caffeine overload since I know that she does not drink it regularly. As some of you may or may not know, things put up the butt absorb into the body more quickly and fully then ingesting it.

When I arrived we spent a little time chatting and catching up on our week. I told her it was time for her enema. I started off playing with her pussy and ass. It’s been awhile since we had done any anal play other then enemas and I felt like I was falling down on my butt play responsibilities with her. I think we both got a little over zealous playing with both her holes at once and stretched her poor little butthole a little too fast. So needless to say that part ended a little sooner than I would have liked.

So we moved on to the first enema of two this evening. This one was just a plain water one with a bit of soap. She took it like a trooper as always. Although I have to say with hardly any complaining, this might explain a bit of what happened later on. After she expelled the first enema we played around with a little fucking, gagging, and choking.

I decided it was time for the coffee one. I started to boil the coffee in some water and let it cook for a good eight minutes. Once it had cooled down a little I had her poor it through a coffee filter while I held it over the bag.

I started to give her the enema when I realized something was wrong with my rig. The inline bulb that I use was not working properly. It seems as though the one-way valve in it stopped working. That bummed me out but I had one of the sexiest asses I have ever known waiting for her enema, so I ripped the bulb out and pressed on.

Once she had at least half of the enema in I started to play with her pussy again. I got her so worked up that she was begging to have Daddy’s cock in her. And then a though came to mind, I knew how to make her start complaining and yet not want me to stop. She was lying on her back on this futon like chair; I had been fucking her for a few minutes already. I pulled her legs up to her chest and rested my weight on them while I continued to fuck her even more and harder. She started whimpering and whining about how her tummy hurt and I would just respond with ether “I can stop fucking you if you like” or “I’ll stop once the bag is empty. To the first one she would say no, as I suspected. I know my little girl very well and she would live with Daddy’s cock in her 24/7 if she could. To the second one she would say how could she take anymore with Daddy pushing into her stomach like that, and I would of course say “who’s problem is that?.”

We continued our little fun until the bag was empty. I knew she would suck the water in no matter what I did to her. My little girl loves her enemas and would never want to waste one no matter what!