Russian Enema Mixup

2008 Russian Enema Mixup!

I know that this is a bit of an older news article, but it seemed to be relevant. I am about to start off on a 150 day tour around the world and was recently looking up travel notes on doing an Enema’s while on tour. While searching for personal stories and suggestions I stumbled upon this article in a travelers forum and just had to share. I will be be spending nearly a month in Russia and this is rather worrisome.

So to lighten the worry, I decided to write a small short story from the perspective of one of the recipients of this ill conceived bowel disaster. This is being written as if from my perspective so a 23 year old American woman.


Getting some of the Bubbly in Russia.

I had been touring around in Russia for a few weeks now and was feeling relatively secure in my handling of the language, secure enough that I had found a lovely kinky health spa in southern Russia to settle into for a few days (it had been a rather grueling trip). Feeling proud of myself I called ahead and made the reservations, one week of relaxation and care, in one of Russia’s state of the art health care spas. Very excited I hopped on a train and set out.

Upon arrive, I was checked in and placed in a two room sweet, one i shared with three other people, one older gay couple, and a friendly young woman, about my age. After spending the afternoon getting to know each other, we all headed out to dinner to met the rest of our group. About twenty of us had thought that going to a spa on vacation was a great idea, and after enjoying a great dinner together we all headed to the outside hot spring. As the days continued I experienced all sorts of wonderful spa experiences: cold and hot springs, deep massage, colon cleaning, and detoxing, it was heaven. On about the eight day, our main nurse, Cherry, informed us that we would be receiving bulb style enemas. They were to be a soothing afternoon of getting cleaned and detoxed. I was really looking forward to it, I had  never had a professional enema, though my nice new lady friend/room mate had given me a small one about a week back, one that I had enjoyed greatly, though the anal sex that follow was much more enjoyable. All the same I was really looking forward to the much praised bulb enema treatment.

We were given private rooms, ones right next to each other, and our assistant nurses were kind enough to first rub us down, everywhere, and get us all hot and bothered, then oiled us up. Having someone oil and stretch your ass for the sole purpose of receiving an enema was a rather odd experience, but no less pleasant. Finally laying aroused, oiled and sleepy, I waited for my turn to come up. Cherry walked in, her heels clicking loudly in the silent room, and clothes rustling. Looking up I took a quick breath, taking in her sexy nurse’s outfit, short skirt, nurse cap and low cute top, all made from a type of latex.  Cherry was a lovely lady, well proportioned and even with the giant enema bulb in her hand, I was all kinds of excited to see her. Smiling, Cherry sat the bulb beside the medical table and began quietly explaining the procedure to me. Listening intently I nodded my head becoming increasingly excited and more aroused as she explained how the water would effect my body. Soon Cherry’s instructions were over and she asked me to get up on my hands and knees on the table.

With great enthusiasm I got in position, my head pillowed comfortably on the table while my ass was proudly offered up, twitching and waiting. After giving me a quick fingering, Cherry gently eased the tip of the bulb inside my anus and help it up, slowly emptying the contents into me, bit by bit. As I lay, enjoying the sensation of the water sloshing around inside me, I began to get more excited until Cherry had emptied the entire bulb inside me, and she pulled it out, quickly putting a small plug in me to keep it all in. But Cherry, the goddess wasn’t done yet, setting down the bulb she picked up something that had been previously hidden, a vibrator, Cherry was officially the most wonderful woman in the world.

Laying on the table, a bulb of water up my ass, and a lovely woman working a vibrator across my pussy, I was so glad that I had taken the chance to make the trip. As I began to reach orgasm, as tingly, ticklish sensation began to occur inside me, till it caused me to fall over the edge and cum all over Cherry’s expert fingers. Settling down from my orgasmic high, I was a little concerned to find that the tingly sensation that I had attributed to an orgasm was still there, and was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. Just as I was about to voice my concerns Cherry let our a surprised shout. She had just removed the plug from my ass and a whole bunch of bubbles had come out all over her. Crying out, the tickling increasing with the addition of more air I was shocked to discover that my lovely water enema was in fact peroxide!

Days later after the quick Doctors visit and addition free spa days, I was lazing about the hot springs, still rather ticklish with a new bleached ass hole.




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