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So I will preface with two statements:

  • I don’t watch much by way of the zombie tube (TV).
  • Nor am I terribly adept at knowing pop culture knowledge in general.

Most of my memory & time is spent on non-fiction books, 40′s talk and song radio, and much of what is “kinky & queer sexuality”. So, imagine my surprise that no one had pointed out Enema-bot, found on Futurama and in service to the Planet Express crew! I suggest you search for him within the complete Futurama series and let’s see how many times we spot him!!



What?! A robot that will not only administer with a gas pump enema nozzle (be still my heart), but even has the ability to give me an Enema To Go should I be in a hurry to my luncheon or taking a weekend visit to the beach. Interestingly, you can even order up your flavor of enema with espresso should you desire.

Enema-bot is a true friend to all enema lovers, coming fully loaded with a thermometer, syringe, and douche! Top of the line, I tell ya. It is also worth mentioning that he has safety in mind, with a glove on, though it is rather ill-fitting and one has to wonder if it is ever changed afresh…

“Warning. The enema you are about to enjoy is extremely hot.”

I must admit, the idea of an enema and klyster wielding automaton at my beck and call, makes me down right jubilant! What is better than this enema humor? People asking for MORE Enema-bot! I saw several posts online complaining that this character did not get enough air time. I’d like to add my voice to that rumbling whisper! As a side note…do you suppose s/he is found in the Futurama card deck??


What other implements might you want of an Enema-bot? I’m thinking a dildo would be a lovely addition…



Spending Time with Daddy Chapter 2

Another Tale of Jody’s Adventures

Shivering anxiously in Daddy Dave’s arms, Jody looked up from the large chest that his face had been buried in and watched as Daddy carried him into the discipline room. Nervously he began to chew lightly on his bottom lip, a habit that he had acquired while living with Mommy whenever she was particularly upset with him. Mommy had to eventually invest quite a bit of money in Chap Stick as Jody tended to get into trouble often. He tried not to but, Mommy was awfully busy, which is why she had gotten him to become friends with Mary, in an attempt to find someone to keep him entertained when she was working overtime.

 Jody liked Mary a lot, she was a good girl, and very pretty, they enjoyed playing together, but her Daddy was even better. Dave was an older man in his later thirties, who was powerfully built, had a full head of brown silky hair, piercing hazel eyes and a domineering presence that left Jody feeling jelly legged. Altogether Jody was willing to accept a beating if it meant that he got it from Daddy Dave, so fighting the instinct to run away, Jody sat firmly in Daddy’s arms and reluctantly prepared to receive whatever Daddy had planned for him.

Smiling to himself Dave held little Jody in his arms, walking purposely through his home, plans of punishment whirling in his head. He had initially liked the idea of throwing the boy over his knee and spanking his delicious ass till it was black and blue, but he suspected that Jody would like that too much. Perhaps he would end the punishment that way, but for now, he had to teach Jody that misbehavior would not get him what he wanted.

Reaching the room, Dave set the boy gently on the floor and watched as Jody tried to take off his shirt. “Did I tell you to remove your clothes Jody?” He barked, trying to make his voice as harsh as possible.

Jumping Jody looked up at Daddy Dave questioningly. “No sir, I’m sorry I just wanted…”

”You just wanted to be naked in front of me I know what little pervert boys like you think about, you want the chance to try to seduce me with your body to get out of your punishment. Absolutely not, you will stay clothed throughout most of your punishment. I have no interested in looking at the bodies of bad little boys. Perhaps when you are a bit more respectful I will let you remove your clothes but not till then.” Glaring Dave stared at Jody intimidating him and causing him to let go of his shirt.

Standing still Jody waited for orders. Go stand in the corned Jody I don’t even want to look at you right now. Mary is almost done cleaning and I have to punish her first. I want you to put your nose in the corner and don’t make a sound. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!” Daddy demanded glaring threateningly.

“Yes Sir”. Leaping to attention automatically, Jody nodded his head, and headed toward the closest corner.

 “Not there Jody, take the far back corner.” Gulping Jody changed direction and moved to the corner, the farthest away from everyone nearly hidden by a cabinet. Quietly he settled into the corner and placed his nose squarely where Daddy Dave had told him to. Standing there, Jody could hear Daddy Dave setting up his toys, preparing to punish Mary, the lucky girl. Closing his eyes Jody settled in for a long punishment of being utterly ignored, his least favorite of punishments, and one that he knew Daddy loved the most. Before he began to block everything out and try to keep quiet, Jody heard Mary come into the room, her footsteps faltering as she stepped into the room and saw Jody nearly hidden in the corner.

Walking up, Daddy wrapped her arms around her and gave her a hug. Leaning down he whispered into her ear. “Don’t worry honey as mad as I am I’m not going to leave Jody neglected for too long. You were both right I did wait too long. I was waiting for you two to misbehave I just had hoped that it would be less destructive.” Sighing Daddy lead Mary to the table that he had set up for her.

“I appreciate you wanting to help Jody get my attention, you are such a good girl, but Daddy has told you time and again to not throw a ball in the house, hasn’t he?”

“Yes sir, I’m sorry, I should have found some other way to help Jody. I didn’t mean to break your vase; I loved your flowers so much!” Mary had never received flowers from anyone before, those had been the first ever, and ones that Daddy had picked up for her ‘specially. just because. She felt tears filling her eyes at the thought that they were now sitting abandoned in the dust bin along with all the glass from the vase.

Guessing correct at her tears Daddy hugged her tightly. “Don’t worry those won’t be the only flowers you get from me, I wouldn’t take this experience as reason to not get you new ones. But you will be getting punished for your behavior.”

Nodding her head Mary smiled hopefully up at Daddy. He smiled encouragingly down at her.

“Come on baby, lets gets started.”


Spending Time with Daddy

Chapter 1

Another Tale of Jody’s Adventures

Daddy was glaring angrily down at his two little rug rats, both looking up at him innocently, even though the proof of their trouble was splattered behind them. Mary knew that it was her fault, she hated making Daddy get that look, the look that means that she have been a very bad girl. Slowly she turned to look at the mess hidden behind her, splattered along the floor, and the walls. The two had been playing ball in the house, even though they knew that they shouldn’t, Daddy had told them not to, many times. Now because Mary had been bad, Daddy’s favorite vase lay on the floor in pieces, flowers (one’s he had bought her, for special) and glass was everywhere.

Jody was skulking behind Mary, blushing bright red, giving Daddy hopeful shy smiles, the slut. He had wanted to get attention from Daddy who still wouldn’t play with him, even after getting permission from his mommy at the beginning of the New Year. Daddy though was sneaky and had purposefully been putting Jody off for weeks, flirting with him, patting his head, even giving him gentle kisses on the forehead, lightly brushing his hand against Jody’s pee pee. All of this was leading up to poor Jody walking around with a permanent hard-on and tears, he thought Daddy didn’t like him. I knew that Daddy liked Jody though, but Daddy was rather mean, so I wasn’t surprised that he had been teasing him for so long. All of this led up to today, with Jody playing ball inside the house in a final attempt to get attention, any attention, from Daddy, and me purposely angling the ball to hit something.

Being the helpful little girl that Mary was, she immediately drew Daddy’s attention to Jody.

“Daddy, I didn’t break the vase, I didn’t even want to play ball, JODY did it!” she yelled, pointing her finger at Jody accusingly, adding a few tears for affect.

Jody looked up hopefully at Daddy, a touch of fear in his face but mostly anticipation.

“HOW COULD YOU?” Daddy roared glowering at the two, glaring fiercely.

“If you wanted attention Jody, and Mary, if you wanted to help Jody, there are much better ways then breaking one of my favorite possessions. This vase was a gift from your Mommy, Jody, what do you think she will do when she finds out that Mary deliberately broke it?

With this pronouncement Jody began to shake, tears rolling down his cheeks, face reddening, as the impact of his behavior stuck. Jody wanted Daddy Dave’s attention but not if it meant making him so mad, especially if it meant that Mommy would be mad too. Jody was a really good boy, he didn’t make Daddy mad at all and was always on his best behavior around him, but he had been getting desperate.

“I’m sorry, Daddy Dave I just wanted your attention soooo badly, I couldn’t stand you ignoring me, it was horrible. I wanted you to like me so much, but no matter how helpful I was, no matter what I did, how good a boy I was, you wouldn’t look at me. I had to do something!” Jody wailed, finally lying on the floor and sobbing his heart out.

Realizing that his neglectful behavior had lead little Jody to finally breaking down, he had forgotten how insecure the boy was, Daddy knelt on the floor and pulled him into his arms. Jody wrapped his arms around Daddy’s neck and buried his face into his chest, hiccuping softly as he began to calm down, enjoying the feel of Daddy’s arms around him.

“I’m sorry that I neglected you, but that does not excuse your behavior, no matter how you cry, I’m still going to punish you.” Daddy pulled Jody till they were eye to eye.

Nodding his head obediently, Jody looking adoringly at Daddy ,willing to accept whatever punishment he had earned.

 “Yes sir, I understand. I know it was wrong of me to break your vase, we didn’t think the ball would actually hit anything we just wanted to get you riled up. I’m very sorry” Jody put on his most apologetic face and looked up at Daddy imploringly.

Sighing, Daddy nodded his head. “I understand that the vase was an accident, but it is still broken. Mary honey, please get the dust bin and carefully clean up the mess. Then come back into the discipline room to receive your punishment with Jody.”

“Yes Daddy” Mary nodded her head and went in search of the cleaning supplies.

“And watch the glass!” Daddy yelled warningly. Watching as Mary nodded her head obediently, than turned to look at Jody.

“As to you little boy, I do believe that it is time to receive your punishment.” Jody said nothing as Daddy lifted him up into his arms and carried him towards the discipline room, which when Mary was behaving was often called the play room.

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